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I think I'm bisexual...
If this is the wrong board, just tell me and I'll delete.

I think I'm bisexual. I've always thought of myself as straight, but the male body has always been attractive to me. I first noticed when I would masturbate, which isn't exactly rare, and I would pay attention to the males in the scene. And then I started watching pure gay movies. I just thought this was natural at first. I always heard that finding the same sex attractive during sexual acts was natural when growing up. But the more I think about it as time goes on, I really want to try this out. I want to date a guy to see if it's something I like. It's been bugging me for a while and I don't know what to do. Do you guys think I'm taken this out of proportion or am I legit? Thanks
I think you are legit, Pants. Now you don't tell us your age but from what I gather you've had time to think about it a bit, now. You are gradually working your mind round the fact that hetero may not be what you're after, after all. You could call yourself at least bi curious for the moment... Your attraction for the male form seems to point at least to some degree of homoeroticism, a latent homosexuality which will or will not satisfy you once you've tried it. Of course you can't always go with a first experience as a definite pointer of one of the other, especially if the experience isn't very good, but if you are tempted to try again, or if you realise that you like it and feel that it is natural, then maybe you are predominantly gay. Only you will be able to ascertain that in the long run. Since there is nothing wrong with a bit of experimenting, especially at a younger age (actually at any age, to be honest), I would advise that you find a nice potential partner and try it out. But today being AIDS REMEMBRANCE DAY, I don't need to remind you that protecting yourself and your partner(s) is still required and essential. Have fun, and come back to tell us if you've found your personal sexual truth.
Good luck.
This board is as good as any and better than most for your question Wink

No I don't think you've taken this out of proportion. When that call comes you just have to work out how to deal with it.
Wow thanks for the quick responses. And I'm 18 and go to the U of Pitt. These feelings have flared up every so often for years, but I usually just ignored them. And like I said, I think I'm predominantly hetero. I still am more attracted to woman than any man. I lost my virginity last summer and it was fantastic. But recently the feelings came back and I figured there was never going to be a better time in my life to experiment. The problem is I have no idea where to go from here.
If you are a student, I'm sure there are other gay or bisexual students around you. You could try joining a gay social group and see if you can find a partner to experiment?
Here's one place you could start

Gay in Pittsburgh - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Life and Issues in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
You guys have been very helpful. Thank you so much. I am going to look into some of those clubs. I can not stress how nice it is to know I'm not going crazy. Thanks. Confusedmile:
You are welcome, Pants, that's what this forum is for, methinks...Wink
Hook up with a guy, try it. If you like it, then you are gay or bi. If not, then it 's worth an experience. Remember to protect yourself, use condom, and don't give bj or receive bj just because he is hot. Also, put your expectation low so you will not get hurt.
I recommend Grindr as hook up tool, over East Coast is liberal so I think you can find one very easy.
>.> Dnt jst do sex....dig deeper. What do u like abt guys? Their bodies, personality, etc?

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