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Should I identify as bisexual?
When I was in 2nd grade, I had a women's leather shoe fetish. When I was in 5th grade, I used to stare at boobs, and when I was in 10th grade the description of breasts as "succulent" got me off. But women don't turn me on as of now and I have never felt a strong attraction towards women.

pellaz Wrote:why would you?

Maybe I'm supressing it. I don't know.

Well, if you don't know, why on earth would we know? Haha, you seem to be making lots and lots of threads related to your sexuality. If you don't know what you're attracted to you don't need to label yourself until you do - there's absolutely nothing we can do to aid in the process. Things you've been attracted to in the past are pretty irrelevant though.

Sounds like you're looking for a problem where there isn't one. Unless you feel conflicted about your attractions, identifying as gay seems appropriate. Just because you identify as gay now does not mean in a year or 10 you might not find yourself attracted to a woman. Gay, bi and straight are simple labels, and human sexuality is much more nuanced than that.

Sexuality is not cut and dry. We use a very limited set of concrete labels to identify people but it's generally not *that* easy. They force people to make up their minds and decide. Either they like ONLY women, ONLY Men, both equally, etc.

Personally I think the need to categorize one's self like that is needless. Why do people need to know who you prefer to sleep with and how many? My husband was always with women, has kids by one and now he's with me. Does that make him gay? Bi? I don't think either because if he was "bi" he'd like boys and girls according to society and as far as I know and can tell it's just this one he's ever been with. I have a daughter and no miracles took place on that one, it happened the usual way. I was fully gay at the time of that happening and another guy was involved in it so no I don't think I classify as bi suddenly because of that. This is what I mean. Most people have varying degrees of sexuality and most probably aren't too certain either of how far those extend.

Does slapping a sexual label on yourself somehow create a resolution in your life? Or can you resolve to just prefer boys with an open mind? lol

well , as relative strangers on an internet forum , i feel that we are the most qualified people to tell you what your own personal identity should be. Smile

How bout don't identify as anything? Why force yourself into a box?

[Image: 131443075153-Abandon_thread_Jim.gif]

You seem to be keen to second guess yourself...yesterday everything was so clear!

But the world is not black and white....you are not obligated by any law to exclusively like girls or exclusively like boys. Why put yourself a label? Go live, experience boys if it feel right for you, experience girls if it feels right for you. Go both ways if it feels right for you.

Even I have been attracted to 2 girls or so in my life and I'm soooooooo gay....so, don't beat yourself about it.

If your seeking to define yourself, that will come by itself with age and experience...you're still young

No you shouldn't
You've said you're gay you can't take it back now u.u

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