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I think my wanting to see a man naked has made me gay
ok let me be psychological in my approach to this .. what do you think has made you gay .. but before we proceed, please note that if you believe that you were born gay then this thread is not for you to discuss with me with. i do believe that gayness is shaped by environmental factors.. just like in my case .. growing up .. i seldom saw the naked male body, i grew up with 3 sisters and as kids we would often bathe with each other and do silly stuff together, so the female physique is no stranger to me and i guess the supposed to be attraction i was supposed to have with women was neutralized by that, because as in i really have ZERO attraction to women .. maybe even negative .. LOL .. i told Emiliano abt this in his thread and that i also lack a strong male figure in my family, who would ought to have helped me out of my shell... i remain starved to be guided by a male figure .. so i would like to exaggerate on nakedness .. i think my wanting to see a man naked has made me gay.. to tell you i have never seen my dad (totally) naked ... as in without a underwear and all. he is 76 i am 25 i guess that explains why .. although he and i are close .. well i can say that, i have never bathed with him.. i think that is the only missing element in our relationship .. i dont know what, would you help me find out this phenomenon.. attraction to male nakedness. i have overheard my schoolmates talking before that they often bathe with their fathers that could have made them straight, continual exposure to something could affect your sexual energy like for me barely seeing a man naked could have contributed to my hunger to want to see even more nakedness. what i am trying to say is sex has energy and deprivation or exposure can either intensify gray areas in it or neutralize parts of your libido .. what do you think?
I think that you are 25 years old and it is time to form your own experiences rather than overindulge in analysis of your childhood. Believe me, it was not from seeing my father unclothed, which I will admit was extremely rare, that I knew I was gay. Your posts make me think that you are looking for some environmental factor that "made" you gay rather than squarely facing the idea that you are gay because you were born that way. This means to me that you are in a state of denial or at least very uncomfortable with being gay.

In several threads I have noticed fellows under 30 asserting that being gay is OK. They say this with a confidence that I would never have had at their age. I do understand that this is not the experience of everyone these days, but it is certainly possible that it can be yours if you have the independence to make it so. If you do not wish to "practice" or openly admit being gay, that is your privilege, but you should face up to the fact that identifying yourself as gay on this forum is an admission of some sort or other.

There are certainly a good number of people that will never approve of anyone being gay, but these days more and more people are tolerant and able to admit that being gay is not a choice. I even saw just that attitude written into the script for a teenage character on TV last night. With a larger and larger part of the populace exhibiting that attitude perhaps you should consider it also.
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Well,, I saw my Father & brothers naked while I was growing up. Didn't help me turn out straight. I had no sisters,,, so I can't compare your situation to mine in that regard.

While in the military,, I must have seen thousands of naked men in the showers during my 20 years of service,, and I still find the male naked body more interesting than that of a female.

My earliest memory of wanting to look at a naked man was somewhere around 7 or 8 years old. I remember fantasizing about my second grade teacher being naked!!! And he was old and ugly also!!!

I know this doesn't quite meet what you are looking for,, but I thought I'd give you some of my perspective on the environment i grew up in.

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to each their own, but I have never (and im thankful for that) bathed with my dad... I was told when I was a baby and would poop on myself he couldn't change a diaper and wipe... so he would take me to the bathroom and hold me under the faucet till I was clean... *or wait for mom to return home* xD thats about as close as I got to bathing with him hahah.
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[MENTION=23556]knickerbuck[/MENTION] Ever watch any gay porn? Might be a good way to get that part of you a little closer to being satisfied...

I don't think it is you wanting to see guys naked that has made you gay rather that you're gay and want to see guys naked...

I think it is easy to ponder which came first, the chicken or the egg...

A lot of gay guys I will admit do lack a traditional mother/father scenario... I know several guys who were raised by their grandmother or grandparents, or with another relative. Whether that has anything at to do with being gay, or becoming gay is probably both irrelevant and unlikely.
Well, @axle, one well-touted theory has to do with having a dominant mother and a recessive father. If anything, I suppose I might fit there, except that Dad was certainly assertive when he wished and he and my mother tended to discuss major decisions about us kids when crises arose. They were a team. I also had traditional family structure with two sets of grandparents, an aunt and uncle and cousins and extended family that visited and were gossiped about a lot. It really was not too far from Leave it to Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet. (Except that I made the cookies.) I was just never particularly curious about seeing any of this crowd naked. I was bashful in gym showers and though I saw plenty of naked there the fear of being exposed as gay haunted me constantly. I new who I was and that it was not acceptable to my peers as a group. There may have been individuals who would have been tolerant but I never knew of them. What I am getting at is that I never made any causal connection for my sexuality between seeing or not seeing naked males. I knew the way I was and I picked up on social cues very quickly that said I would do well to keep my mouth shut about it.

End of rant.
It is midnight and I have had interactions with two doctors today and they have left me very tired.
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Being straight is not a psychological condition.
Being gay is not a psychological condition.

Being straight is not a decision.
Being gay is not a decision.

I'm sorry, but nothing "made me" be attracted to men.

I saw plenty of naked men growing up. My father was used to public baths all his life, and thus seeing men naked wasn't considered abnormal and happened.

I saw plenty of naked women growing up. I have a twin sister. We shared the same bedroom, the same bathroom, the same bed until I moved out at 16 years old.

I had a strong male figure in my life. Hell, I had a strong male figure in my life that was extremely and abjectly disapproving of same sex attraction.

I'm still attracted to men.

My advice to you is to stop hating your preferences and find a way to make peace with and enjoy them. Be proud of who you are, ALL that you are, as you are. Self improvement doesn't mean turning yourself into someone else or destroying your natural urges.
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I don't think never seeing a man naked makes you gay or more likely to be gay. A lot of straight guys out there don't often see other guys naked and some may never have seen another naked guy - and they're still straight. The same goes for gay men seeing naked women, never seeing a naked woman doesn't make you straight.

Nobody knows why or how we are gay, we can guess and speculate but all we really know is that it isn't a choice we make - it's part of who we are.
Flu shoots make you gay. Big Grin
I'm sorry, but I had to LOL at this! My dad is NUDIST! I saw my dad (and many of his friends!) naked ALL THE TIME and it didn't make me heterosexual! LOLZ

In all seriousness, being gay (IMO) is just like anything else--it has a biological factor AND an environmental factor, but in the end it doesn't matter because your sexuality is now set in stone!

Instead of worrying about what "made you gay", why not put more effort into making yourself happy and your life fulfilling...?

Best Wishes!
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