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I would really heart you if......
#1 could spare 60 seconds to complete my online survey on social responsibility for my final year project.

Please follow this link:

Social responsibility survey

Please take part as it would make a huge difference to my project.

A big Remybussi to everyone who completed it so far.

I did :x
posterpicture Wrote:I did :x

oh Thank you very much Remybussi :biggrin:
Thanks to all those that have completed the survey so far. Those that haven't done it yet please do it. Gaehn The questions are actually quite fun (I've been told)
ok i did how much money so you get for each survey completed
Mr. Not So Lonely Wrote:ok i did how much money so you get for each survey completed

Remybussi thank you for doing it.

I get nothing, it's part of my dissertation. I put those questions up for my research.
all done Smile
Nocturnal Wrote:all done Smile

Thank you Remybussi How did you find it?
Come on guys please take part? I know that people in this wonderful forum are really nice and would love to help me out. Don't be scared of the "it's a questionnaire" thing because it's actually quite enjoyable and all the answers are multiple choice.
Done. :] I hope you do heart me now Tongue

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