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ISIS and gays (again)
This shouldn't really come as any surprise:
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams
i sympathize, a lot. naturally.

however, i do have this to say: it is the fault of the people living in the area. ISIS is terrorizing the region and the population there and what are they doing about it --- absolutely nothing; they are taking it without protest, cowering in fear, and illegally migrating in hundreds of thousands into Europe.

Europe also had its dark age where religion dominated people's lives and homosexual males were executed, persecuted, hanged, burned, dismembered, tortured. and what did we do about it --- we fucking stood up and fought back.

Firenze, Savonarola at the end of the 15th century -- groups of young men (a group called Compagnacci) actually started harassing Savonarola, disrupting his sermons and once they staged a riot during one of his sermons forcing Savonarola to flee the premises. when Savonarola was executed, he was lit on fire (i.e. his hanged dead corpse) by a man who had practiced homosexuality with other males (source: Night Officers' records, Michael Rocke Forbidden Friendships).

The French Revolution -- the whole country stood up to repression, rewrote the laws and reformed the whole governmental system, decriminalizing homosexuality among other things. Napoleon later consolidated it in his own legal code (the Napoleonic Code) which he spread all over the European continent.

we fought back. it was bloody and fucking awful, the physical violence that accompanied the whole thing. but it needed to be done. Europe would still be in a mudhole if it hadn't been for the French Revolution and Napoleon.

i am fully convinced Arab people are fucking cowards and weak. how the hell do you expect things to get better for yourselves? just magically have it happen one day? hope for the leading/governing elite of your countries to experience some mental enlightenment and see that what they're doing is wrong? you are fucking naive and foolish. that is the full truth of the matter here. you want things to get better in your Islamic countries -- you have to fucking stand up for yourselves and fight. stage a coup and overrun the fucking idiots in charge. not run away and passively stand by and just watch injustice go on on a daily basis. you are at fault for this. you, Arab people, who are living in the region and not saying anything, not standing up, not fighting back. and you, who fled the region to personal safety instead of fighting back. you are collectively at fault for this man's and others' unjust death. you are cowards.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
It will be interesting of any Arab decides to reply to your post.
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams

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