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In Star Trek do you think Earth's countries are at peace?
I think that's a fascinating question actually. I grew up watching original Star Trek episodes laying on my belly watching what we felt lucky to have, a color TV.

I think it ties into a classic question, on the sci fi miniseries 'V' the alien character Diana put forth the question, 'if we hadn't arrived when we did, they would have destroyed themselves anyway. at least we can harvest them for food and carry off their natural resources of the planet to the Home World where they will at least be of some use instead of poisoning it all."

It would be interesting to hear a response to her point, keeping Donald Trump in mind...
tonight was "I Mudd" on the digitally remastered Saturday night Star Trek

God I'm such a geek
It would be really hard for Earth folks to do anything that far outside without having solved problems within the planet. Simple logic to me, I never watched the show.
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strider65 Wrote:tonight was "I Mudd" on the digitally remastered Saturday night Star Trek

Nerd alert.
well thank you for being that bully in the commercial that pushes down the nerd. like the bullies in high school that pushed me down for being a fag. nicely done. where can we have the Donald Trump barbeque.

I am a nerd and damn proud of it. would much rather be a nerd than a hypocritical closeted bully.

but each to his own.
Ohmygawd, man. It was a joke. From one ST nerd to another. I say that to everyone who's into anything 'geeky'. Was really not looking to offend you, so I do apologize for that.

I need to learn to not be so familiar with strangers on the internet. It doesn't always translate well.

P.S. Closeted? I may be a relatively new ST fan, but I have absolutely no problem declaring it publicly.

NativeSon Wrote:...I need to learn to not be so familiar with strangers on the internet. It doesn't always translate well....
Or, people just need to grow up and stop taking offense at everything they read. It really says more about the person who INTERPRETS something than the person writing. I don't know either of you but it was obvious to me it was a joke. Besides, what's wrong with being a nerd? It's like someone calling me "gay"... yeah, I am. So... how is that an insult?
People tend to assume the worst (including the worst "tone of voice" as they read text online). There's a type of cognitive therapy in which people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and things like that learn to examine their thoughts and try to see through distorted thinking before acting on it, but by now I'm convinced this needs to be taught to EVERYONE, starting in the schools.
Earth is a peace as Captain Picard explains this exact thing in the movie First Contact when he is talking to the character from earth that ends up on board the Enterprise,

Im sure your gonna love DS9 - I love that show , give it time to get to know the characters though as some people judged this show harshly at the beginning - It really gets going at the start of season 3 though...I wont spoil it but it really kicks off in a new direction with a continuing story line
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