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Infected finger any ideas?
Hi there,
I have recently well three weeks ago acquired an infection in my finger the middle one to be exact and the knuckle has swelled up considerably larger than the others... I noticed today that my index finger next to it is now getting a small red swelling below the nail.. At times i get a tingly sensation running down my finger to my hand and i think its to do with the circulation being cut off... Now people have told me to go to the doctors but my doctor committed suicide last november...

I am able to clench my fist still except the skin feels sore and tingles as if ive got stinging nettles touching it... I was told to try putting a needle in and seeing if poison comes out but i dont want to make it worse so any ideas guys?

kindest regards

zeon x
Sorry to hear about your doctor comitting sucicide. Though my advice is to find a new doctor, and I'm sure he'll diagnose and treat it accordingly.
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lol l know i should.. I had a little spot like a flea bite and figured id try to pop it so it heals quickly and it didnt pop just gets bright red and with the way the weather is going and me working outside it either gets redder or it gets tinglier lol i did contemplate as to whether a bug has bitten me and laid eggs or something and as a result im gonna be a daddy to baby mosqitos or something lol
IF there is a tingling sensation and red is expanding, its time to go to the emergency room.

What you need is some hefty antibiotics, and if its swollen too bad then you may need it incised and have the puss removed. That should be under very sterile conditions with very sterile tools - not something you want to do on your own.

Emergency room - Now. Yes right now, I don't care what time it is there. Go. Now.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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Why the middle finger? any cuts there?
might be something else, bug bite etc

dude you have decent health care in the UK, run dont walk and use it
I agree with Bowyn .
Emergency room ASAP as in now.

Why do people always squeeze these things ?
You are only spreading the infection, please leave it be.

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