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Interesting developments!!
So I have this supervisor at work (not a direct supervisor, but a supervisor none the less) who I just recently found out through a mutual friend is a closeted bisexual. I've known this guy for years and would have never guessed it. But that's beside the point.

So the other day he and I were in the breakroom and I happen to let slip something to the effect of I had lied to my ex wife about a lot of things, including being straight. Didn't really think anything about it because one it's already out all over the office that I'm gay and two I'm not really interested in this guy. The two reasons I'm not interested in him are one I've known him for a long time and he and I are nothing more thanks friends, and he waits until his wife is out of town then finds a guy to hook up with until she comes home. Not my cup of tea.

So anyway, this morning he sends me an IM over our companies network and asks me for my phone number. Didn't think too much about it. After all we are friends. That is until I got a text message from him a few minutes ago asking me what I was doing and if I would clarify what I said in the breakroom the other day.

So I did. And I told him that I had known I am gay since I was 14. Now he wants to "talk" to me during one of my breaks tomorrow! I'm not quite sure how to take all of this, considering all that I know about him. I have to admit, it has me a bit nervous!

But, on a more positive note, the guy that I'm suppose to meet Saturday night just asked me to be friends in Facebook! Smile
I'd talk with the supervisor but, be clear friends is all you want with him. He may simply want someone to talk to that he doesn't have to be in the closet with.

You can use the fact that he is a supervisor and dating someone at work is not right to you, or just straight up that you don't want to be a weekend thing, if the conversation even goes there.

Glad you are finding more friends. Smile
Those are the exact words I had planned on saying to him, if the conversation goes that way. I don't believe in dating a supervisor at work. Too many issues that can arise from that. And I'm not just looking fora hook up. Never been my thing.
This is a bad development. Do you have other employment options?

Never, ever, ever develop a friendship or personal-ship with a supervisor/boss - Office politics and personal politics never mix.
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I don't have any other options at this time, but like I said, I don't plan on taking my relationship any further than friends with this guy. I don't want him in any way and quite honestly, he's not that good of a friend.
His not being a good person makes it worse.

I had a boss who tried to use his position to get me down on my knees... He even went to far as to take me to a 'business' meeting and proceeded to buy me large quantities of alcoholic beverages...

There are guys who use their position to get what they want - do be very, very careful. you are young in the gay scene and I don't want for you to get hurt.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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Thanks Bowyn! I promise to be extra careful when talking to him.
There is a golden rule , never mix business with pleasure.
Do not go there and make it very clear that you do not date colleagues .
Yeah Mum the last time I dated a co-worker it ended in a thirteen year marriage that never should have happened. Not making that mistake again.
Well I was right about that supervisor! He approached me on break this morning and told me he was available if I ever wanted to "hook up." I told him I wasn't interested and he left it at that. Thing is, I don't know if I should report him or not. I didn't and don't feel harassed, but it is an unwanted sexual advance. I don't want him to lose his job either but he even admitted he could get fired for saying anything. I've never been in this type if situation before so I'm a little confused. Should I just wait and see if anything else happens or should I report him now?

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