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Is it enough or do I need more?
Thats not good...:eek: How often do you get tornados there often in Texas?
What animals you got ?
Well here in the states the States in the south middle are in a place called Tornado Ally... Meaning from April to July we get Tornado's all the time. I have 2 Dogs, 7 Cats, 1 Bird and a fish, but the fish will stay. =D

So that would consist of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.. Kansas being the worst
Tornado Ally does what is says on the tin i guess..
So many ! Nice, do you remember all their names? I have one dog very old and so confused he he walks in circles hehe
Cats - Lynol, Sashaa, Sherbert, Sabastian, Tori, Polo, Maria
Dogs - Kaylee, Brandi
Bird - Marco
Fish - (He still wont tell me his name)
Ohhh you do remember!

Next time you ask the fish whats its name have Sashaa and Sebastian with you , then will talk :biggrin:

(i know... bulling is baaad)
The weather channel said that were not having really bad weather after all.. now I'm pissed.. Time to picket....

Of course I remember them all... I have had them for like 6 or 7 years now.
Would love to have more pets, was thinking to adopt a cat but the dog hates them..

Time for to go to bed now, hope weather stays good! Xyxwave

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