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Japanese Music Thread
would like too create a thread about Japanese Music. I may be a bit biased but in my opinion, Japanese music, though to the disappointment of some vocalists who have a squeaky nasal vocal composure, create and channel the best melodies on the planet. Some melodies can be so addicting i can listen to them for hours... lmfao .. So if you have any good finds on Japanese music please post them here:

I consider this one good and intriguing (and really like how they blend the modern with the traditional), not that I understand a single word (*):

Here's another by them...I really wish I had a translation (*) for it (preferring a literal translation though literally translating Japanese to English seems nonsensical at times):

(*) ETA: I was reading YT comments for the top vid and came across this:

Do John 3 days ago
You don't need to understand any word of them. We Japanese also don't understand of them. Because they are meaningless words indeed.So to say it is just rythmical words for music

If true then that's interesting, but also disappointing. I imagined it was some brilliant and haunting poetry. But then what one imagines usually is better (or worse) than the actual reality.
Baby (or Cute) Metal cracks me up. Here's an example:

Yes, it's a corporate invention that found and groomed girls to create this. That just makes it even more hilarious to me. (Granted, I hope they're not starving them or putting through grueling exercises or perhaps forced to participate by the parents as they really need the money, especially in expensive Japan, which I realize is probably hoping for too much.)

And YTers reacting to Baby Metal:

I like the graphics and song here (though I think it's for some anime), and you can get an English translation by hitting the CC:

Here's "20 versions" of the same song:

It has samples of it in many languages and styles, and also set to violin, piano, and electronic. It's also set to classical Japanese instruments. They even have a rock-metal mix at the end!

I've got more of these, but that's it for now.
The only real acquaintance I have with Japanese music is a very old LP of koto playing. It is a fairly short leap to the small amount of Japanese classical singing I have heard. Abstract. Certainly based on other scales. Foreign tonalities to Western ears. Still, it is quite beautiful.
I bid NO Trump!

This video is made by me but it's pretty good:
fuck .. just discovered this today on youtube thru autoplay, it's a pretty song:


[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
And if you include Korean....

[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]

still one of the best melodies out there:

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