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Johannesburg Gay Pride - Pictures
This weekend was Gay Pride in Johannesburg, South Africa. I wish I was there but a friend shared these pics with me, and I am now sharing them with you Smile

[Image: 556354_472751739423297_70248114_n.jpg][Image: 400803_472751959423275_1213952076_n.jpg][Image: 536214_472752006089937_652237713_n.jpg][Image: 190346_472752139423257_1646341252_n.jpg][Image: 399767_472753399423131_207656487_n.jpg][Image: 564006_472753732756431_1997035112_n.jpg][Image: 68356_472754576089680_1807015791_n.jpg][Image: 199932_472754836089654_1935919517_n.jpg][Image: 76250_472755242756280_1629714254_n.jpg]
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
Nice pictures, thanks for posting.
That's awesome , thank you so much for sharing.
Awesome! I have never been to gay pride before. Never had the courage to. But I plan on going the next opportunity I get. Thanks for sharing! At least I get to see how much fun it looks!
A couple more images Smile

[Image: E95EEABAAAC49D6B491E37F3631C.jpg][Image: 44E5F37C54BE48210292AD7A7A8F3.jpg][Image: 19A4EC93B36BFA8B75A064A34436F3.jpg][Image: E3CF14273B348CDF5049F0E226037.jpg][Image: D745F7AC4DE6A3CAA28A4C1346640.jpg]
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
Pride events are pretty good fun!
watkins Wrote:Pride events are pretty good fun!

It's fun, but it should also be political, and apparently this year's fell short in that respect.
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
Great. Thank you. I say........good on them for a job well done!
Great pictures. Smile
thanks for sharing them... I know brightons pride was september this year 1 2 3 instead of august and i worked at it at my local bar serving hotdogs and this lesbian was being a bitch with her gf causing mischeave and after ripping two bags open and confetti everywhere the owner of the pub decided it was good to pull other one in and she snuck in the back door went upstairs and ripped that open... Ive never giggled so much as he saidf to her YOU STUPID TWAT! LMAO

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