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Jon Stewart on the Republican National Convention

It started off slow, IMO, and fact is I think I'd have stopped watching in the first 5 minutes had not a friend told me to keep watching, but then it got much better, IMO.

And then came this brilliant line:

Jon Stewart Wrote:[Obama] has issues and there are very legitimate debates to be had about his policies and actions and successes and/or failures as president. I mean tune in next week. But I could never wrap my head around why the world and the president that Republicans describe bears so little resemblance to the world and the president that I experience. And now I know why. There is a President Obama only Republicans can see. And while the president the rest of us sees has issues apparently this president, invisible to many, is bent on our wholesale destruction...


If you really want to make this election about [Invisible Obama]...let me see if I can paraphrase...go ahead, make my day.

Of course he points out how many of the things said to "Invisible Obama" were at least as applicable (if not more so) to Bush and/or Romney. (A brief example was Clint saying it wasn't a good idea for attorneys to be POTUS and Stewart's response of, "Yeah, take that Harvard lawyer Barack Obama, you'll never be the man Harvard lawyer Mitt Romney is.") Roflmao

The part with Clint Eastwood was only in the first 15 minutes (after it goes to commercial again then that part is over), but it had other moments after, too. (Liked the one, "Can I see your papers? [takes ID] Republicans are right, this feels good.") The "running America like a business" was interesting, too, I liked how people from the worst 3 states (that took in far more federal funds than it paid in taxes) and made them compete with the loser "getting the recommendation to be fired by Romney." Rofl (When it gets to 20 minutes, I think where 2 women thank a Hooters waitress for providing a safe place after getting kicked out of Woman Up that it ends, so don't bother sitting through the commercials as little more than credits follow.)

Despite examining just how many racial minorities and women showed up there wasn't anything on GOProud or other Republicans looking for quickies via Craigslist or Grindr (they probably just forgot). :tongue:

I'd say that ep is just one example why people who primarily got their news from the Daily Show (which is actually more of a snarky commentary on it, and he blasts Obama in other episodes, too) are tested as more informed than those who get most of their infotainment from FOX (and also MSNBC and CNN, too). :redface:
Two words Stewart said...Cognitive Dissonance....Understanding this simple term/phrase is understanding the Republican Party and Republicans.
East Wrote:Two words Stewart said...Cognitive Dissonance....Understanding this simple term/phrase is understanding the Republican Party and Republicans.

Republican voters i converse with tend to think the same about liberal voters, from my experience.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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