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Kids of LGBT parents
I just fell over this video on my Youtube front page, and thought i would share it with you guys, since it made me smile Big Grin

I have two kids, a 12 year old son and 9 year old daughter. The one thing that I hope for more than anything is that when I finally talk to them about my sexuality that they'll see it as a non-issue. The children today have greater tolerance and it gives me hope that I won't feel rejected.

Thanks for the post [MENTION=23195]MickTheMousie[/MENTION]
Good parents raise functional kids. Crappy parents do not.

Gay/straight/bi has little to do with your parenting skills. Gettting pass the tricky part of outside perceptions on LGBTs and minding to keep topics age appropriate, all should be good: a new generation of kids growing up without thinking being LGBT is something outside the norm.
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