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Kissing versus Intercourse
Which is more intimate kissing or intercourse?

I would have to say kissing. The other person is in your face and definitely in your personal space. You cant really escape the closeness of a kiss. Depending on the position with intercourse you can create space between you and the other person.

Back in high school my best friend and I started sleeping together. We were "experimenting" at the time. We had no problem sucking each other off and taking it up the ass but we considered kissing too gay and taboo for us. I have never made out with a guy before and I wish we would of tried it out. I must admit kissing is quite foreign to me but based on my current experience it seems to be the most intimate part of sex.
dammmnn thats a tough one to decide but i guess ill go with kissing
Sex is awesome, But You can't beat a great kiss. Particularly A nice french kiss.

good question but kissing hands down it lasts longer than intercourse lol
I don't really think kissing is any more intimate than anything else. I have made out with more guys than I can count and though it was pleasant and sometimes erotic I don't think it was any more intimate than intercourse,,,,,,

...the one time that stands out in my mind,.,,,this really hot bisexual cowboy (a real one with a ranch of his own:biggrinSmile...he LOVED to french kiss and one night we french kissed for at least four hours...I got stubble burn on my face but it was erotic and intimate but not as intimate as when I f*cked him...the kissing made him and me alot hotter though and the intercourse was much more intimate than usual so perhaps they go hand in hand with the right chemistry and the right partner?
I'd say that kissing is really intimate only when there's at least a bit love, as cheesy and dreamy as it sounds. But then, you can't really compare the tow things, they are in completely different categories. You could make out with somebody just cause you love them and there may be nothing sexual about it. Or...well, kissing often leads to intercourse, right?
I'm going with intercourse, i mean body parts are going into other body parts. It doesn't get much more intimate than that..right Wink
It's interesting, Marvinteck, that you should mention that because, although I find intercourse very intimate indeed, I'd say you were partly right about the total intimacy of kissing. When I was a young man I'd never dared to kiss until my first boyfriend. For me, that was the ultimate in intimacy. I was also surprised that as soon as the kissing came, the intercourse came too, but it may have been because I was already 21 and had never kissed anyone before. I was really ready for it to happen. lol. However, I still think that I would not put kissing before intercourse, nor intercourse before kissing. (we are talking French kisses, right?, Not just pecks on the cheek?). What's more I think you could add caressing to the list of intimate things we can do to someone else.
TimmyThink Wrote:I'm going with intercourse, i mean body parts are going into other body parts. It doesn't get much more intimate than that..right Wink

Exactly. Confusedmile:
Sex is often just biological mechanics and a lot of rubbing. Kissing involves being near someone else in more ways than one.

Sex + kissing + feelings = now you're talking Rolleyes

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