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LGBT app
I'm planning to visit USA. But since I don't know anybody there, I'm looking for apps that helps people to connect. I know some dating LGBT apps like Hornet and Grinder. But I'm not trying to date anyone, just to meet some gay guys and then what happens happens.

For example here in Croatia we use one app where we put down a pin on the map and we use tags to say what we want (like "get a coffee" or "go out") and we wait for a request from another people, chat a little bit and meet quickly.
Or we look for other people on the map and send them request.

What I like about that is the fact we approximately know where that person is and we know this person is online because pin disappears in an hour. So there is like constantly someone there

Is there anything like that in US?
[MENTION=23395]karl[/MENTION], what's the name of the app?
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to write any names

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