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Fat man, Thin man & little boy
Much, much better
Much dirtier
trialbyerror Wrote:Nope
Fat man, Thin man & little boy
Much, much better
Much dirtier

And yet utterly unnecessary

Japan was already wrecked from conventional firebombing campaigns

[Image: Tokyo_1945-3-10-1.jpg]

[Image: hist_us_20_ww2_pic_japan_tokyo_bombing_1945.jpg]
See the worry in my eye..
Your organs to any one of the three, are like farting in a maelstroom.

I will simply aniliate you and your decendents twice over.

BTW how many A bombs did SA have pre 1994:eek:
eleventy-twix is exactly how many.

You will however be very unplesently surprised
all surprises are unpleasant to me....
trialbyerror Wrote:BTW how many A bombs did SA have pre 1994:eek:

Probably more than the official numbers...good thing SA dismanteled everything nukey..Confusedmile:

How many do you think Israel and Iran officialy do not have (but they totally do) right now?
Sneaking in my win......
Not unless you kill us all...learn from me, I'm throwing firebombing campaigns and rocket launching barrages towards the bastards...
Stealth win....

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