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Last Person to Post Wins
Miles Wrote:Wait, duckie has a German? As in hostage?? In his basement??? :eek:

I'd like to...ahem...inspect this German to make sure he's treated...properly Llkiss

Have you not met him yet?..

I am lucky to live across an ocean from him, or else I would be victim to his SM mania..


(Ok, maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing....:biggrinSmile
Next "session's" at eight....Hubba-hubba-smiley
For Meebles and South

Now get to it Slaves..
Can I be your slave too pretty please? :redface:
For Miles

Fetch the flog slave
trialbyerror Wrote:For Meebles and South

Now get to it Slaves..

Get to what?...

You will have to provide clear indications if you expect people to follow you

Chase Wrote:In your closet, waiting for you

Is that a promise? :biggrin:
Instruction clear and given


Can't you read?? :biggrin: .. :biggrin:

In the new world order, all slaves can do whatever they want to each other. Sperm

No slave is allowed to allowed to say no. Wavey

Money is free.Dance

Everybody is equal. Dance

That's it
Thou shalt not post
Why ever not?
trialbyerror Wrote:Why ever not?

Because. Snake

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