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Last Person to Post Wins
Or so I would have you think
The evidence exists

I rest my case
Take back the castle and leave a big fart so you couldn't even think of coming back :p
Château-Gaillard perhaps, duckie?
Nothing so inconsequential,
Set in the rural countryside, far far from anywhere

Zuma's private compound, paid for and maintained by the South african tax payer, even though he may not still be president.
Included is:-
A seperate compound for the security personell,
An underground bunker,
a helicopter landing pad.

Nelson Mandela had a very modest home in a up-market area just a few Km's from the city centre slums
I think I'd rather have Château-Gaillard.

the tax payers that payed that shit are long gone..:biggrin:
Like I said, this could go never ending lol
It ends with me winning
You'll be long gone before that Miles...

southbiochem Wrote:You'll be long gone before that Miles...


I do beg to differ Jesse3

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