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I know some people here have him on skype, but I don't know if they've heard anything from him since.
I don't use skype - therefore I win.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
....... Chicken .......
For everything turn turn turn....

I decided to get a win here before I go turn the old man... Left side to ride side, right side to back, Back to left side, left side to right side, right side to back.....
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
....... Catmilk .......
So you recon you can slip in whie I'm gone?



Phisst! not a snowball's chance in 'ell

My word! what a reunion.. I got's auties an uncles an nephews an nieces an even a couple of half nieces an nephews (if you get my drift... They where a bit strange mind)

All quackin and fussin and sifting mud and eating wormes and other thingies... Mr & Mrs coot creating and mr seagull trying to be all bossy with mr heron... And mr and mrs mallard flying up and down and down and up... But a loverly time was had by all.

And guess what not a single nasty kitty in sight!

There was huge consternation 2 days back, I have explained the function of the dam in the Vaal system, so They had the water low to take the water that was falling in Johannesburg, and that water reachedthe Vaal dam and
with the Vall dam at 97% and the Grootdraai dam at 123% the opened and let it down to Bloemhof...

Fuck! the water-edge was climbing at 3-4M / day.

Now for the groot kak

With the water low one can get under the bridge and to the "pool" behind the dam wall....

Shame, all those blokes had to strip and run like 'ell to get back under the bridge.... or it's loose your car, caravan /camper.

There's no other way out...

Me, I went the other way to where the river meets the water back-up.

Now for the grooter kak..

Because the water was at 14% to start with, it was like camping in the desert, with accompaning sand storms..

Dust nothing but wind blown dust...I swear I'll never get the grit outta my ears, teeth, nostrals and anus.... Pity the next dude that goes up there......

Gonna be like ruddy sandpaper.:eek:

I had to move my camp-site twice, FIRST TIME AT 02:00 IN THE BLODDY MORNING! Fortunately it was a full moon

Caught a decent sized cat-fish, using a carp-head as bait..

These are the only photo's the darn system will let me up-load... I'll try again later

All you wonderful guys and gals and gals that are guys and guys that are gals and all in-between


Lots'a luv
And for that brief moment... I was a winner! Suddenly the sun drew a brighter sky, the air breezed more crisp then ever, and everyone and everyone thing surrounding me seemed to be cheering me on. It was moment that lasted only briefly, but echoes through my heart this very day. For that brief moment... I was a winner.
Miles Wrote:I know some people here have him on skype, but I don't know if they've heard anything from him since.

If anyone contacts him, share regards please...and the obvious concern we were left with when he left..
....... Cat3 .......

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