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Last Person to Post Wins
Almac Wrote:I saw Kiid's fist coming towards me, so I ran so fast I was at the winning post before anyone else, I'm the winner.....!


I'm too ninja for anyone to see my fist coming at them!

Also ---> Pinkieone
[Image: 132639675034.gif]
[Image: 86987%20-%20animated%20dash%20deal%20dea...20with.gif]
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
wins what???????
a big fluffy dildo i guess lol... I dont actually know what does the winner win i mean ity cant be me despite being the winner for the foreseeable futrure unless someone types something like wind your neck in turkeyneck!
AWWW I wanted a trip to the U.K. to meet all the people i have met on here
hehe the UK seems a big attraction to tourists but to people living here its just the same as everywhere else on the planet..... Bloody boring!
only you have control over your boredom get off the computer and go do something lol
Sooo... I win? Biggrinflip

[Image: Beauty_Pageant_Queen_Crown.jpg]
the day u win queenie is the day i stop limp wristing when i communicate *hands on hip*

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