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Cha cha Cha.... Cha cha Cha.... Cha cha Cha...
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Wolfpack Wrote:#*%^ auto correct Big Grin

Sure... blame autocorrect. We know you were typing one handed! Wink
Auto correct on my texts always changes "Gid" to "God"

As if the guy needs any more ego.
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You might be dating God, but I am still winning!
I'm pretty sure that dating God puts me at the top of the mountain.
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Guess who I've got on my side?

Pah Fork_offSasmokinSaevil2DiablotinBgbadFlame2SasadFiredevilSamadSacoolTeufelSalookrSawinkSalook2PsychomadEvilgrin1SahmmKane
Whether it is satan or whether it's the online forum and comments spelling of his name, satin, I am still the winner!
SmileydiesPah, believe that if you wish
<--------look who's winning now!

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