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Late night, Can't sleep!!
So apparently my body has decided it doesn't need sleep tonight even though my brain is telling it we all have to be at work in 4 hours! I hate when I have nights like this! I've been tossing and turning since around 11 PM and just when I think I'm about to doze off...BAM!! Wide awake again! Just so much on my mind right now. So much I want to say. So many thoughts I need to get out! Should be an interesting day at work!
I have a lot of those nights, dammit! :frown:
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Feel for you , when I have one of those nights , I get up have a cup of camomile tea.
That usually works for me, if I am still tense , I meditate.
I do that too, annoying but, I've learned laying in bed, getting tangled in the covers is just going to make me even more irritated with myself, so I get up and find something enjoyable, or at least constructive to do.

Read, chat, check forums, go for a moonlight ride (horseback), dig a fish pond (yes I did started another one last night - going for my third one here and, HUSH you {you know who you are} )

I will put bluegill in this one, when I get this one when it's finished, that will free up my 500 gal indoor, heated tank for Tilapia . Yay more food I don;'t have to buy from the store. Smile
sometimes i can't fall asleep too...i think reading with music playing in the background helps Confusedmile:

mind to share what's on your mind? Wink
Oh let me see, too much. One being my ex just got here a few minutes ago to pick up the last of his stuff and, of course isn't leaving until morning because he's to tired to drive an hour to the truck stop. Tried the futon, like to have broke my back so, no good sleeping.

Then of course the usual rubbish of what to do, how's so and so doing, should I call him or her? Do I need to write to that one.? Do I have everything ready for hunting season? Should I try to go get on this morning, or is it still too warm? .....
Slept better last night, which is no surprise. But it took me awhile to go to sleep, which is a surprise!
Blue Wrote:Read, chat, check forums, go for a moonlight ride (horseback), dig a fish pond (yes I did started another one last night - going for my third one here and, HUSH you {you know who you are} )

Blue, you dig your pond at night? :eek:

If I saw my neighbors digging in their garden at night, hmmm I am not sure what I'd be thinking Rolleyes
Good thing my neighbors are all too far away to see me then isn't it?
I used to have a nasty time getting myself to sleep and managing to get enough hours of it too. I went through a phase between 14-22ish where I did nothing but struggle. My diet was the key for me not managing to get much sleep, I ate way too many sweets and drank lots of fizzy stuff (mainly pepsi/cola). Since then I've eased up alot on the sweets but still have days where I can drink 2 litres of the drink myself, I've found I sleep for longer now and my body kicks in earlier to tell me that I'm tired.

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