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Literally joined gayspeak to procastinate studying....: (
Hello everyone.

Yes, I have literally joined gayspeak to procrastinate studying for a math exam at 6pm on Wednesday night that I am not ready for (of course).

I mean don't get me wrong, I am a gay boy living in Baltimore and am at Uni. As of right now, I'm procrastinating math, online, having a gin and tonic, and feeling really pissed off that there are ONLY 4 QUESTIONS!! on this exam, so 1 wrong = 75%. Although, true, the prof will give partial credit for right work.

To quote the favorite phrase of my friend, 'fuck my life'.

This feels odd, because it has been nearly four years since I was seriously foruming (to stab websters with a knife), which was like a major past time in my mid teens. It feels weird to be doing it again - not good or bad, just weird, and including a mild sense of foreboding that it will become a MAJOR past time again - you know, instead of studying.. : )

Anyway, nice to meet you all : )
Studying is very important....but it's up to you wheather you want to do it or not.Confusedmile:

.....Maybe we could help?:tongue:

Good luck with the exam and enjoy your stay!Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Welcome to GaySpeak Keyla, the land of well known procrastinators, but also of those who like and enjoy a good chat...
ahoy ahoy, welcome on board, hope you enjoy your stay Smile and you should study, so you'll get good grades, a good job and then have more free time to be on forums :p
Welcome to the forum! =D

No worries! I'm procrastinating too, that's one of the main reasons I join any forum. LOL
Hey there! Yeah, I'd be procrastinating math too if I was still attending college. Yeah, it's basically my worst subject ever. I'm the worst at math. Anyway! I hope you enjoy these fine forums and have a nice day!
Lol, Welcome!!

Foreboding? LMAO, I doubt, a blog and a math test would be the demise of your entire future. But, I do understand. If you hate math like I do, then fear of failure usually have me cursing myself, and watching too much TV, as a means of distraction. Perhaps you are doing the same with forum blogging.

I do advise, you ditch the forum for now and hit the books, math is a pain in the ass thing that requires you to practice, and practice. Goodluck, and much future success!! Confusedmile:
Hi - I may join you in studying a large gin and tonic!
Hello. Welcome Smile and remember ...

... There are three kinds of mathematicians - those who can count and those who can't.
Nice to meet you Smile now GET BACK TO WORK! *rawrs*

yeah, I thought I should say that as future me to past me, I used to do exactly what you were doing. Best thing to do is generally to take away all distractions, literally remodel your room without TV, internet access (if not for study)... sucks but it really helped my mate Ash pass his course.

Love your avatar ^_^ furry by any chance?

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