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Looking 4 tips on Anal masterbation, how to/first time..?
Hi all, I am new to the whole idea of anal, and I wonder about getting myself used to, or really "ready" to engage in that sort of deal on ones own, and or with a partner..?

Also, I would rather avoid actual "toys" at this point, however I will get to that point eventually...
Get a toy dildo that's made for that. Don't mess around with other objects as you more than likely hurt yourself.
Put some lube on it.
Use a condom.
Oh alright, good point
cucumber or something like that or a hot dog. and hello. Smile
Hello John!
What a great idea!
I owe ya a HUG for that... ;-)
Aneros progasm
Prostate milking stick (not both at the same time I hasten to add Biglaugh)
Plenty of lube.

You can thank me later Smile
Huh, never heard of either of those tbh... can you plz clarify?
Just looked it up, looks interesting tstvl... :-)
Cheet0V90 Wrote:Just looked it up, looks interesting tstvl... :-)

Aneros is a good starting point for beginners, it makes the day interesting if you go about your business with it in all day haha
Oh, wow... Any idea where I could pick it up from aside from going online? Am living with my folks atmosphere, and it'd be near impossible to get it without them asking questions...

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