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Looks like Catholics think we'll turn violent on them anyway...
There was a long, LONG thread (so long and built up so fast, often with repeating one's self over and over, that I gave up on keeping up with it) on should gays come down hard on Catholics. Well either this bishop has seen that thread or we might as well anyway because this one thinks a gay pride parade could morph into a "kkk march" that could turn dangerous for Catholics at mass:


Oh, btw, me and several neighbors were inconvenienced back in 2008 as an endless line of trucks and cars parked in front of our houses, occasionally even blocking someone's driveway enough that a resident couldn't get their car in or out, and one of my neighbor's cats was runover, when the Catholic church a couple of blocks from me at the time held a rally and prayer meeting to pass the antigay Prop 8. Granted, Catholics in Chicago might be more considerate and less hateful to gays, but I doubt it.
might just as well be true; i cant think of a modern time main stream organization any more homophobic.
Why does religion have to attack our rights??? We dont go round attacking religion.... If i was a true religious person instead of a non believer i would march up and ask this question!
I think that mans whole Modus operandi is to spread fear.
This his sole opinion , he does not represent the majority of the church.

I have been to hundreds of marches , parades, demonstrations and have never seen violence break out from the gay side.

It's all about politics , Democrats are gay tolerant , Republicans are not.
I won't listen to the guy...It would be a bad mental health decision.

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