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Masculine V. Feminine
I'm fairly gender queer, and my masculinity and femininity is pretty fluid. At heart, I am very feminine, however I look pretty masculine, and I usually act somewhere in the middle. There are times when I enjoy my masculine body and feel more masculine and enjoy being a "guy," and there are times when I wish my outside more reflected my inside. This leads to me working out (and feeling good about it), then later thinking "If I keep working out and become muscular, it will be harder for me to look feminine."

Weird, eh?
Yeah, can't answer that poll either - pretty happy with where I am. I'm more neutral-masculine, if anything. I think most people think I'm straight when they first meet me, which kind of annoys me on some level, actually - it might help me find more eligible gay men outside the online dating arena if I was a little more obvious. I kinda like playing that "is he or isn't he?" game a bit though, it gets people curious. I dress well for the most part, am slim, like scented candles (Golden Apple Orchard ones from Pier 1, awesome for this time of year), like girly drinks like appletinis, and I occasionally squee at romantic parts of films/tv I enjoy. But I also like professional basketball (come on make a deal already players' union/David Stern!), am learning bass guitar (I tend to think piano & vocals for gay men, not really low-ranging instruments like bass), and badass films like Goodfellas and the Dark Knight. Take that for what you will.

Bottom line: embrace who you are, whether masculine, feminine, or somewhere inbetween.
On my opinion its about balance, a TO macho guy do i just feel to punch meanwhile a TO feminine just annoys the hell out of me.
matty7 Wrote:im as masculine as they come but its just who i am ,,,i dont want to change . i have no probs with who i am,, makes me no less gay i think Smile

Well said Matty Scatter
I wouldn't want to me more or less feminine because I am happy with how I am. I'm not a camp, feminine guy and would never do anything with a feminine guy ... but I have feminine gay friends and I love them to bits, they really make me laugh. Smile
the things i like and the things that interest me (hobbies) are more in the mind of a straight guy. I love doing anything with cars, i love sports and i am a decent athlete, i like video games, and anything descructive and i love to build and tinker with things to see how they work. My clothes are sports or about cars, dirty jeans, or shorts, and im not the cleanest person. I always have multiple cuts or bruises on me. Id like to be just a slight bit femanine and just tone it down a little, i dont care about how i look or watch how i eat, but just not hurt myself or for once not be messy
I'm not really that feminine at all but I do a lot of things that most people would think are "gay", musicals, shopping and things like that. I like the way I am and I don't feel like I wanna change Smile
When it comes to dating, I prefer big masculine men Love
I've always considered myself more feminine than masculine. I'm a large guy and most people say I'm intimidating, but I break down easily and am sensitive to the smallest of things. I always burst into tears whenever one of those ASPCA commercials comes on, and...yeah :p It was also hard growing up because my dad loved to fish, and I absolutely hated getting dirty in the slightest, and would squirm whenever he tried to show me how to bait a hook.

Kind of went off on a tangent there, but I don't wish to be more masculine. It's a fair balance that is tipping more in the direction of femininity, and I don't mind that.
I think it's all a little too subjective to answer properly. I'm perfectly satisfied with my gender identity, any aspects of my personality I dislike I would not associate with masculinity or femininity. How do we weigh them against each other, is liking cars worth 2 manly points, while liking musicals is worth 5 sissy points?

I'm sure with some people my appreciation of poetry, opera, and musicals would be seen as effeminate. My scholarly interest in 18th century literature is at least esoteric enough to just seem odd rather than effete. However, I also care little for fashion, I detest shopping, I'm not afraid to get dirty (working with animals I have handled dead bodies and been covered in every bodily fluid you can imagine), and I like hockey.

Ultimately, I look at these traits, my feeble attempts to weigh masculine versus feminine, and all I get is a picture of myself as a bookish Canadian nerd.
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
Aester Wrote:On my opinion its about balance, a TO macho guy do i just feel to punch meanwhile a TO feminine just annoys the hell out of me.

When you say too feminine, do you mean effeminate? Let's say that a man likes cooking, doing housework; he doesn't play sport; he talks softly; he loves cats; he enjoys art and love songs; he's a nurse. However, he's not showing off his sexuality nor does he crossdress. Do you think he is too feminine?

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