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Does anyone on this website meditate. Ive been doing it now for fifteen years on and off and find it really benificial. I think everyone sould spend an hour so away from the hustle and bustle of the tv and music and spend some quality time with this practise. Has made me more of a chilled out person over all. If you dont meditate would be interested to hear of any other religous practises any one has that they find benificial.
I meditate, especially when I cannot get to sleep.
I have ear plugs and the eye cover thing, but I don't meditate for hours on end, I take out maybe 5 to 10 minutes.
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
Hi All,
I had a guided meditation a few years back with my mate whos a spiritulist priest and he led me through the meditation which has opened up something inside me i didnt know i had... On this meditation i went up a garden path to a gate.. I opened the gate and walked into the woods.. When i had passed through the woods i came out onto a hill top where my great granddad and several other people were including my younger brother who died ten years ago.. I sat beside my great granddad and gave him a hug telling him i loved him and also my younger brother.. I noticed most the people there were black shaded people like mist appearance which i learnt was my ancestors who had died before i was born.
I was in this state for about an hour and my mate had alot of problems because i wasnt pulling out.. I wasnt interested at all about coming back to reality i was warm and comfy and when i did come back id been crying but didnt notice it from my physical body.. Its an experience id recommend to anyone with a professional in the arts

Kindest regards

zeon x
Zeon that sounds cool, would love to do that my self.

Is getting your self into a trance a same thing?
Hi all,
A trance isnt the same as meditation.. My great grandmother has passed the gift down the family line in our family where me and my nan have got it but i dont dare practise it.. The thing with meditation is that it takes you into your mind... It helps solve issues and can even be used to do things such as look at past lives, re-living memories etc..
A trance is used when doing a seyonce in a protected circle.. Its a term used when someone has opened themselves up so that spirits can come and communicate through you/named person to communicate with the living.. The way it works is that they take over your body and use your energy to get the message accross.. However it is recommended to have someone there when doing this so that if someone is taken over and it becomes a physical thing such as taking over the mind body and soul then the nominated person can call you back.. I have learnt in my experiences with spirits also that you can easily break the connection if calling doesnt work by getting them out of the room or area... For example.. i will tell you a true story which happenned to me..

When i was 20 i found some totty and drove in the middle of the night to this nearby park located in Brighton.. Now bear in mind its like 2am and we both wanted it so outskirts of town and away we go.. During the moment so to speak i felt as though i wasnt alone.. I blanked this off and kept telling myself there is no one in this park apart from us at 2am.. When the business had been done and dusted I got sorted and then went to drop him home.. BUT i had put my keys in the ignition.. On the dashboard the three red lights came on which were indicating the handbrake was on, petrol reading light and another (i cant remember its the one with the coil symbol). Anyhow when i turned the keys to the third slot .... Nothing... The car wasnt working or nothing yet it was perfectly fine going into the park for a quicky..
I realeased the handbrake and rolled down the hill to maybe jump start the car but still nothing even at an excess speed of 20 MPH rolling with no power nothing was happenning.. Now panic started to set in.. I popped up the bonnet to have a look and all seemed ok no loose wires connections and nothing burnt out. I got my mates meter testers to test the electric current and it was a 0 reading so i knew the battery may be dead.. Yet if its a 0 reading why is the radio working and the lights just not igniting.. Well i then decided the only alternative was to confess to my shag we have just had sex in a park which has history going back to 1700's and is haunted... So i did and told him to push the car with me.. We got it through the gates and onto the private road.. Now we were out of the boundaries of the park so i figured about checking the engine.. Bear in mind we had pushed the car 4 meters to the exit and nothing was disconnected... Well when checking the electric current it was giving numbers which showed power had returned so i got in and took off..

I tend to not drive past that park at night now as ..................... its best not to tell

Kindest regards

zeon x

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