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Men Underwear and Bulges
what looks better, small or big bulges in underwear?
Big is always better Smile
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
lol big bulges.
"People of all sexes have the right to explore femininity, masculinity, and the infinite variations between, without criticism or ridicule."
— Leslie Feinberg
As long as there's a bulge, either's OK with me!
lol. as long as they don't come down and there's nothing there, we're good. but bigger is always better Tongue
avidcyclistMTB Wrote:As long as there's a bulge, either's OK with me!

Camel toe is bad
I think small is cute so I went with that but big is nice too
Big of course. If I didn't know any better I'd say this was a trick question. lol
In the words of Nelly Furtado 'The bigger the better'
if i could have i would have picked both but i chose big because it all depends on the underwear if its a really tight and small pair of undies then anyones bulge looks decent. however if its like just plain old boxer briefs then a small one might not show up at all but with a large one its not the bulge that looks better its the thing thats causing the bulge peeking its head out down one of the legs

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