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What type of underwear do you wear?
Me? I mostly wear tight boxers or briefs! Laugh1
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

I usually buy my underwear at the cheap and popular HEMA department store. A fashion-minded guy whom I told this got a serious attack of the giggles when he heard this........ He could understand that I bought my stuff at this store but admitting this in public was for him a definite proof of my nerdishness!Astrosmiley2

But I don't care! Cool (It was a nice guy by the way).

Definetely Tight Boxers. Like to know im not swinging around all the time lol..can get painful after a while lol. :biggrin:

For me it is boxer-briefs, loose boxers, tight boxers all the way. NO WHITEY-TIGHTEYS!

i wear boxers but i think tightie whities are hot...Wink

Loose boxers, I like some freedom of movement down there!

ya know.. i totally enjoyed the loose boxers when i was younger, to finally free myself from that feeling of having the grip around my wankah, but now that ive grown up, and well, my balls down, boxer briefs have totally made me feel great, with the extra comfort lower than just the thighs so it doesnt rub soo badly as much.. i dunno, i love boxer briefs, and they are wicked sexy too ^_^

pure sexiness![Image: boxers.jpg]

loose and tight boxers for me =D

White boxer briefs are by far the best. Nothing is sexier than a pair of AussieBum's, Calvin Klein's, or Jockey's!!

Boxers, every time, i like to feel a bit of freedom

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