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Men Underwear and Bulges
I voted small, but who cares as long as it wiggles?

Honestly, nothing is sexier than a guy that can run around naked and not pop a boner, IMO.
small..and doing something to make it BIG. Lol.
dont mind you can make it grow
Any bulge is good but I really like when there's a nice butt in that underwear too!
everything's bigger in Texas Big Grin
and that's how we like it
Doesn't really matter as long as my partner likes mine and, I like his.
Big looks great but smaller can be healthier. I loved a big guy with 10 inches for 30 years, but I would top mostly, and he would bottom. Another friend who is now 50 just got an OUT OF ORDER sign posted on his prostate. He loved a big guy and bottomed for 35 years. Please be careful. At 50 he is out of business. At 66, I still enjoy good hormonal and prostate health. My doctor smiled and said I was as horny as a teenager.

By the AGE OF 14 in 1960, I made sure how male equipment worked. Be careful. I have been horny for 56 years and still enjoy being gay. GOOD LUCK.
nwwm Wrote:I think small is cute so I went with that but big is nice too
I agree! Cute bulges Fuzz
But I love big too!
I feel dirty and ashamed for admitting to having one preference in this matter. Someone like me should not have a preference, that's for sure. lol

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