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Money changes everything
Money...........the root of all evil? Or just the stupidity of mankind to invent such a destructive device?

Is money truly a device for evil? Meant to keep people classified into "poor", "middle class", and "the rich"? Meant to keep people enslaved to a job, or have the ability to corrupt those in government offices?

Or is it just an over abused method of bartering?

Does money REALLY make one "happy", or is it just an illusion of societal ideology?

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? If money was made useless tomorrow, would it be better for all peoples?

IS bartering a better way to get what you need? You cant go power mad with bartering, much less abuse it to any extent where you would be "over" people, so wouldn't bartering be the safer use of exchange?

Does money really change everything, or is it just the corruption, greed, and avarice that is stigmatized to it?

[Image: heart_money1_.jpg]

Money......what it is good for.....absolutely nothing.....
say it again.....
to quote denzel Washington:

"money doesn't buy happiness; but it does make a down payment.

cuz when you don't have money, u are definitely unhappy."

maybe, I was just paraphrasing
Money is nothing but an abstract idea. It isn't a concrete object, so currency does not exist outside of our minds. Even coins and paper only represent the idea of money; they are not money themselves. It's nothing more than a convenient method of trade, which has been with humanity since our origins.

Where I'm going with this is that money in itself is not evil. An abstract idea is only as good or bad as the person who has the concept in his/her mind. It is not right or wrong to have money. It is only right or wrong depending on what you use the idea for.
well the Bible is right on this one

money isn't the root of all evil

the LOVE for money is the root of all evil
Money is like a great river, shallow and gentle in the eddy and raging violent at it's heart. Most people make the same mistake as they try and navigate it--they forget that they are grasping at water.
Wealth is not found in it's accumulation, but rather by wading out to the middle of the river and letting it take you away with the current......
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
Well, maybe money does not make you happy, but still I believe it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
Don't turn your back at me. I will grasp onto your neck and bite through your carotid artery.
The lack of money is the root to all evil… i heard that somewhere and i like that.

Like war is a force for change, there is probably something nessecary about money too… without it, i wouldnt like to depend on the goodness of peoples hearts.

In a perfect world there wouldnt be money, its a made up invention, an illusion like you say.


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Will you play my record? One-track mind!
But would humanity be better off with all "money" removed from the equation of living......and bartering was the way of currency again?
Money in itself can't be evil or good, as it is non-sentient. However, how it is used can go either way. Sadly, greed and the lust for power and dominance has created a problem using currency. Even if money was made obsolete, all you would get is a new currency that would have the same effect. Throughout history, no matter the currency, it has been used for luxury and displays of power and dominance. For the greed to stop, the ones in power and have the most of any currency would have to relinquish there funds and live in poverty for the good of all, but that will almost never happen.

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