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Money is the Anthem of success...
This title would sound a bit odd... why I'm a citing a quote from a song from Lana Del Rey. maybe because I'm fan of her, but no, I'm citing this phrase because I had always had it my mind before the song came out, not literally but with the same meaning.

This life is meant to have money, to gain it and spend it. commerce is the way the world works. You can live in a life where you don't use electricity, have a nice house that you builded your own with materials from the the forest in a natural place where you harvest your own food... but in the beginning you will need money to buy that land, and then the materials to cut the wood and the nails to build the house, so being in a commerce world is unavoidable.

I was pretty sure since a kid, of this statement and also because I remember the words of my father, one day when I was 12 he told me, "Everything in this world is about money, working for having it, no matter the kind of work you do is always a work and you always have to be paid for, you can work for free, for things like charity but it will no pay your bills"

I told my father when I was 17 that I wanted to have a business, he told me that I should study something first, so I chose industrial engineering, but when I graduated from highschool I didn't really knew what I wanted to study, so I chose that first because that was his option, with time I realized that wasn't for me so I quitted and few months later I decided to chose my mother's option that was medicine. I leaved that career too, because I've always had thought that there's no worst thing in this life to spend your time and effort and money in something that will no please your own self. That includes careers, jobs, love and people in general.

My parents were flexible with me, but I didn't wanted to take any of theirs options so I decided to study merchandising (I always had wanted to study administration, but I decided to study that because I know that I can take a MBA either way) with time I realized I made finally the right chose so I kept studying that career till nowadays.

Success, What is that? I asked myself that question a long time ago and then reforming the meaning of it during the different stages on my life. Usually people tend to give a different meaning of that word based on the way they see the life. for ones means possession of materials things, cars, houses, jewelry, travels... you know things that you can post on instagram that you have. Some others thinks on success like having proud family, healthy, happy, everyone loving each other, doesn't matter how much they would or wouldn't have. Others see success as personal realization, being this or that, being a famous football player, singer, actor, or a professional like a lawyer, a doctor, a politician, etc.

So success depends on you, what you want to reach or have as I say above, so my meaning of success became: Success is everything that you want to reach in this life, that in the end will make you finally happy.

Once you realize that, what you want, what you should think you have to do?
... gain it.

how do you gain it?
... work it.

As I say above too, nothing in this life is free. and in either-way no matter what you do you will need the money to reach it, if you want to be an sportman in the beginning you will need to buy your own things, but if you became successful the brands will pay you to wear or use their things, if you want to be a medicine man in the beginning you will have to pay your career and books, but if you became successful they will pay you the price you want to made sure they will be attended by you, and the same with the other examples too if you want to have a healthy happy family you have to invest in healthy and delicious food, in a nice and warm environment and invest your time in good manners during these people life to made they always not wanting to regret in having a dinner in your house.

So how you begin to work it? Planning it. How do you want to go somewhere if you don't know how to? Yes, you can travel without knowing where to go, but if you ask how to get there on the road, it would be a bit dangerous because if you messed up a street maybe you will be reaching a place where you didn't want to stay, so you will be lost. So how do you star planning? knowing what do you want at first, as I told it took me almost 3 years to realize how to get what I want... but as a personal experience learning how to do it is not enough, you have to cover every detail, I lost a few bucks because I didn't know what kind of product to sell first.

I mentioned another word... invest. in this life you invest (or waste) two main things, money or time, to reach success you have to invest both in the proper things, if not, you will just wasting, and wasting will just reach you to nothing.

In how much time are you planning to reach your success? how much money do you need to reach that success?

I confess that I'm a person that like my things fast (except my relationships lol), So fast in my case meant more money, so when I began to work, I spent just 5%-10% of my monthly salary and saved the rest, because I wanted my budget fast, so I've had to sacrifice a LOT of things to can have that budget in the time I planned to have it.

And yeah the next word is that one... sacrifice. some scientist have the theory that everything in this universe is balanced, that have a counterpart, or can not depend without the other, from smallest to biggest things. So if you had to invest more time and money in what you want is obvious you had to take the time and money you used for other things. I've had to sacrifice time with my family, and sacrificed being in a work environment with annoying people that I really didn't liked, My schedule was very heavy so I sacrificed time with my friends, and also sacrificed in no buying some cool things that I really wanted to have... you know I'm a young dude and I want to dress à la mode

Perfection is not possible, the soon you learn that, fastest the happiest you get. so getting wrong about your decisions is normal, but the main thing that you have to learn is how to correct wrong decisions the fastest you can. If you feel that you get stuck on a job or a career you don't want, change it. If you lost money investing in things that you don't really need, recover that money, if not the same, work for more. The hardest thing to recover is time, if you wasted your time, you can't do really anything but maybe stop wasting the one that you have now.

Remember that quote attributed to Darwin? "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

In my definition of success, I don't consider myself having it yet, but I keep myself sure everyday to keep in the right direction to reach it. So yes, to me Money (with time) is the Anthem to success... but in my case I don't really care what's your address Big Grin
My own approach is purely pragmatic.

You needed money, you need money, you will need money. Always

Earn it, save it, budget, plan and execute!

So far that has worked for me, although I have no "sucess" goal in mind, just a bunch of things "you have to do". Every step so far has been of that kind and what do you know? I have money on my bank account.
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Definitely have to have money these days. I mean some people live off the grid but eh that's not my cup of tea. I definitely feel that one should seek happiness in what they do, after all you're going to be doing it most of your awake life, next to sleeping... I'm ok not being rich, I just want to be happy with what I do and hope to one day find the right person to be happy and make happy. Sounds so simple but such a hard thing to find and pull off...
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Maybe I'll share my own relative success story (it is to me) and all that, but for now I just wanted to share this for fun:

[MENTION=14705]Pix[/MENTION] Yep people can have a lot of wealth by cutting costs. Actually an RV is pretty dang expensive to maintain...and they're just expensive. The problem is that commercialism says buy all this stuff you can be happy, but it doesn't make you happy, so you buy more and more stuff...

Unfortunately though I feel a lot of people judge based on how much money you make. I feel like I have a good job and no I don't make a fortune but I don't have my own place, not yet anyway. So I feel like when I'm talking to guys when the question comes up I feel like the conversation has ended. People don't think of how expensive it is to have your own place and really they were trying to figure out where we can fuck too. I probably could have moved out and had that freedom but there's a price to pay, I feel like living alone would be very limiting, I mean you have to pay rent or buy a house. Then there are all the joys and horrors that comes with that. I just hoped to either find a roommate who I feel like I can trust (hasn't happened) or end up with a relationship. Plus I always felt like I should get a place I could afford on my own. Well like with men, I also have standards on what I live in and where I live too. At least around here. Maybe I'm a little stuck up but that's why I am in the current position I'm in and no I don't like it and while 5 years ago I said I wanted to rent a house not and apartment, I'd take an apartment today. Anyway, I know I will get there, just have to get my stuff straightened out but will take a little bit. Definitely need to get better at budgeting, not that I'm bad, I just can't stick to one or are actively tracking one....which kind of defeats that. I do think making some of the choices I made will help...
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

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[MENTION=23180]axle2152[/MENTION] no matter how rich someone is, if that someone is not the right person for him/herself, would never enjoy happiness. I mean before being a rich person you have to be the right person to yourself, I met some people that are rich but they weren't happy because they didn't knew themselves enough to see what will make them truly happy. You stated the things you want, and that the first step, reaching the second and having it the third.

I'm not afraid to say that I want to become rich, that I want to live in NY in a 27M house, because that's are my goals, but that doesn't have to mean I'm vane. In fact I thank this life everyday because it putted me in a home with good parents that taught me that money is important, but to appreciate the most humble gift that someone gave me even if this person made himself too, because that means this person wanted to truly show their affections to me. That's what some people often forgets.
Well my thing is that I don't feel like I am where I ought to be. I'm 30, single, living with parents... Now I am wanting to go back to school. I feel like I might be a little too late, but maybe not. I feel like I am perhaps further away from being happy.

I do at times feel like I am a little out of touch with myself, seems to have happened after working so long and you don't get the time to really sit down in reflect and see and realize that more than 1/3 of my life has passed on... I pissed away about 10 years roughly not gaining much ground...smoking pot. I did finally get through college and got a degree but that's about all I have to show for it. Nothing else has changed. It is almost like I'm waiting on something but I know that I'm really waiting on myself.
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

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It's not the amount you have but the way you spend what you have, apparently.

Sorry rather have my health than money, I would give everything to be able bodied.
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Money pays the bills and lets me eat but that's about it as far as I'm concerned. I don't really have any long term financial goals. Just getting to this point where I am finally financially independent and can afford my own place seems like a major accomplishment. I'm only 24 so I should have some time to figure out what my future goals are.

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