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Moving On
So just a curious question for those who have had prior long term relationships that did not work out, how long did it take for you to move on? What was it like going through the breakup/recovery steps?
It depends on the guy and the depth of the relationship....

Some people never really move on.....

I think it is a good idea to grab a big bottle of something...a box of tissue..and a movie that will make you bawl your eyes out..and then get it all out of your system....

Then rinse..and repeat..until you get tired of hearing yourself whine....or you run out of tissue...whatever comes first...
Married for 21 years, the relationship, for me at least died several years before I finally left it. So, when it finally ended I had already "gotten over it"
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE

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