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My Sisters surprise.
As Donna was walking down the stairs at the primary school stairs,where she works, she nearly stepped on this guy, thinking he was a branch.

[Image: 485782_10151433384634535_1459599912_n.jpg]

Luckily she manages to get someone to relocate it before the children came out.
They are early this year.

I will have to keep a closer eye on property being so close to the river.
Seen quiet a few on the road side up here so far this spring. I think it is the fact we haven't had rain in 3 months and it has been a warm start to spring.
^ Yep that could be it for sure.

We had a Tiger snake here last year , it was only a baby though.
For us other people who do not know the species of Oz, is this a bad snake or a good snake... Or is that witch????

<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
It's red belly black snake, it's venomous ,but it wont kill an adult , a child maybe.

Red bellied[/URL]
Here is a List of Australian snakes.
Grew up in the bush south of Sydney, all the kids in the street would go bush bashing after school and on weekends, can't tell you how many red bellies and tiger snakes, we stumbled across, and the odd death adder as well.
The red bellied blacks are very timid, so no problem as long as you you don't intimidate it, but they are know to kill the more deadly brown snakes. which are more aggressive.

Quote:Here is a List of Australian snakes.
Thanks Rainbowmum, I mentioned a Diamond Python in another thread today, and it doesn't seem to have it in this list, but the vivid black and yellow markings are amazing.

Guys, I'm sure there are heaps of aussies that have never seen a snake, in the wild, in their life.
God that makes me so grateful that there are no neke (snakes) in New Zealand.

One time I was in Hong Kong disneyland and I saw snakes, and they were so lifelike I got very frightened, but when I tried to reassure myself with the drummed in mantra that there are no snakes in New Zealand I realised OH GOD THEY MIGHT BE REAL. THIS IS HONG KONG.

It's also why I'm never moving to Australia o.o despite better pay/living conditions etc.
Gee thank God she never stepped on it....

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