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My post and the whole thread disappeared.
I responded to all of your comments for my post "What would you do if...", but my post and the whole thread disappeared.

Anyway, thanks for reading and listening.
That can happen to the best of us;.. how often has Marshlander complained about writing a long throught-out response only to see it disappear into mid nanosphere?.... It's happened to me now and again too, so I know how you must be feeling. Next time, maybe think to save your text to memory from time to time, then you can just paste it back.
Control+A followed by Control+C does the trick in very little time. Then Control+V to paste.
When I know I am going to post a long message I usually fire up LibreOffice (Office for Linux) and type it out there then copy&paste when I am ready to post. Replies disappearing is common in just about every forum I have participated in.

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