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Naked,I look...
I'm a shower guy but since I'm sick today,I took a bath and I have this huge mirror in front of the bath which shows from split end to toe.Strange how I tend to neglect the image of my bare naked body and perceive Daniel as just the clothes he wears.So for the first time,I spent a good hour looking at my body.Many words come to mind when I want to describe what I saw but if I'd choose een woord,I'd say,"okay".Do you know how YOU look naked,do you like it?
I look amazing naked Laugh.

I'm kidding I need to put on some fat/muscle, I'm way too skinny.
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
I'm okay !!!

Could do with going under a sun bed though Cool
I dislike my body.. I mean, it's not as bad as it used to be, but I still have a long way to go with it... I also hate my chest hair, but can't be arsed to shave it.

In one word... "Okay" would sum it up for me too.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
wouldlikemuscle Wrote:I also hate my chest hair, but can't be arsed to shave it.

I shave my chest, I hate having hair on my chest but funnily enough don't mind it on other men

CardShark Wrote:...I'm kidding I need to put on some fat/muscle, I'm way too skinny.
Careful what you wish for Wink
i hope i look quite nice and sexy with no cloths on but i dont now if or not!
I dont like my body, I look like a skeleton with no clothes on, i need to tone up and maybe put some weight on, not too much though! Smile
meh! long as i dont scare folk i'm kool with how i look bit skinny but i can live with that :biggrin:

I used to be really skinny as a kid but i toned up Confusedmile: I'd still like bigger muscles though

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