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New Age music.
Michael Hoppe - This Majestic Land [Originally released in 2004 from the album called 'Solace']

Michael Hoppé is a composer, record producer and recording artist from the United Kingdom, and was for many years head of A&R for the PolyGram record label. He signed New Age acts such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Kitaro to the label. Hoppé's album, Solace, was nominated for a New Age Grammy in 2003.

Nice relaxing music for an evening in.
Tom Barabas - Solar Wind [Originally released in 1998 from the album called 'Romantic Rhapsodies']

Tom Barabas is an American-Hungarian pianist/keyboardist. Before developing a taste for rock, jazz, and New Age, he studied classical music at the Caracas Conservatory in Venezuela.
Very beautiful and quite restful.... ThanksScatter
Aaycle Wrote:I have always been intrigued with New Age music. But, I always find myself over thinking the music, trying to make it academic, so that I may understand it. I guess I just need to take Rychard the Lionheart's opinion, and just close my eyes and enjoy.

rsconceptions, thanks for introducing me to your website, it is awesome, the music is above me!

Thanks bud!

A free track from my White Origins project.

Catya Maré is a composer, music producer and classical crossover violinist from Denmark, now located in Los Angeles, CA. She has performed as a classical violinist since her early childhood, and has done numerous performances at concert halls and major museums, such as National Galerie Berlin.
Lisa Gerrard - One Perfect Sunrise

Lisa Gerrard (born April 12, 1961) is an Australian musician, singer, and composer who rose to prominence as part of the music group Dead Can Dance with former music partner Brendan Perry.

Since her career began in 1981, she has been involved in a wide range of projects. Gerrard received a Golden Globe Award for the music score to the film Gladiator, on which she collaborated with Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt. In addition to singing, she is an instrumentalist for much of her work, most prolifically using the yangqin (a Chinese hammered dulcimer).
Andreas Vollenweider - Hirzel

Andreas Vollenweider is a Swiss musician. His music has been categorized as World Music, Jazz, New Age and even Classical; two of his albums were number 1 on the Billboard charts simultaneously in the categories Classical, Jazz, Pop and Crossover for more than 11 weeks. His music could be described as very dynamic and colorful. His primary instrument is an electrically modified harp of his own design, but he also plays a wide variety of instruments from around the world, including the Chinese guzheng. His albums feature many musicians performing his compositions with him, ranging from simple solos to suites for orchestra and soloists. His music is mostly instrumental but he has occasionally forayed into vocal music as well.
Secret Garden - Silent Wings [Originally released in 2002 from the 'Once in a Red Moon' album]

Secret Garden is an award winning Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also understood by some[by whom?] as Neo-classical music.
John Two Hawks: Creek Mary's blood (with Nightwish)

This is native Indian and metal combining to product some good music.


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