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New Member
Hello Guys.

I would like to introduce myself as i am new to this forum. I live in Devon and am 45 yrs old. I have recently seperated from the hetro world after living in denial for all my years. So i am newly out and at long last at peace with myself.

I am looking to make friends in the South west uk and would love to hear from anyone locally.

Have a great evening

Hi guy!!

Welcome to the site and congrats on coming out.

We're all pretty friendly, ask and post away!!!

As penny said... and welcome to the site Confusedmile:

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Welcome to GS!! Welcome Confusedmile:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Hi John,

Glad to see you here at GS.

Welcome to your new life and hope you find your dreams.
Hey babe, congratulations on seeing the light Confusedmile:.

Welcome to Gayspeak - everybody here is sound, so feel free to start chipping in !!

Cheers, see you around !

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Hello, John.
Welcome and congratulations on making that change. I was probably in a similar situation. I promise you, things can just get better Confusedmile:
Welcome aboard Mr.
Yes, welcome aboard, as Dan says... Well, here's me and the questions... Do you have any children from the hetero experience??? If so, were you happy with that? If not, would you have liked to have any?
Like to learn about people's family histories...
Devon's a lovely place, btw. Confusedmile:
Great big HEWO to ya Confusedmile:

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