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New meaning for 'Gay Bashing'
Quote:Puerto Rican featherweight Orlando Cruz has become the first active boxer to publicly reveal he is gay.
Cruz, 31, competed in the 2000 Olympic Games and is on the verge of a world title fight with the WBO.
"I've been fighting for more than 24 years and as I continue my career, I want to be true to myself," said Cruz, who has won 18 of his 22 contests.
"I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man."

He can take a real pounding...

Good on him.

Boxing and other combat sports have a patina of macho bullshit. This will help combat it.
gay integration into society
Def good for him. Takes a lot of courage to come in that sport.
I love a man who enjoys being punched around the ring Wink
Play on words, Dfiant???? Naughty, naughty!!! Chocolate
Great to see .
Well done....good on him...
Mmmh, bet the guys gay bash and got beaten by him feel pretty deflated now! Good on him.
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
i work at a job that is mostly manual labor, muscles and hard work. it's encouraging to hear of someone in the public eye in what's considered to be a "man's" sport coming out. i'm still in the
closet (more or less) at work just because of the concern that i would lose my job if I were Out.

but damn, it sure helps keep me buff, lol.

Have celebrity coming out stories been increasing, or is this a normal rate? I never paid attention in the closet for fear of expressing too much interest.

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