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New to this
Hello everybody

After years of thinking about it I have recentely decided to try and have some fun with another man. Can anybody give me tips on where the best places are to find a nice man. I have looked on the internet maybe in the wrong places but they seem to be interested in just sex. I live in a little village near a little town so my options are not huge but any advice is appreciated.

welcome to gs

gay men make up a small part of the population so what ever your expectations it will take time. The gay population is more for a city area so living in a "little village near a little town" is a disadvantage.

keep doing the online thing. Volunteer at a local gay center would be great for you giving you exposure to the culture and say if you work at the front desk you will get to know a few people.

Hope you would like to participate in the discussions here. Enjoy.
hello and welcome to the forum,
I think the best thing to do is take a weekend break in either Manchester - canal street, Soho London or St James' street Brighton three popular gay resorts within the UK.. I have heard of frome before but not sure where exactly it is lol

Kindest regardfs

zeon x
Hi Ben, Welcome
Wavey Welcome to the board.
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Hi again.
Thanks for your comments Pellaz is there any sites you can recommend to find a nice looking man around my age who isn't just after meeting up in a car. I'd like to get to know someone before i do anything else. Maybe i'm being unrealistic i don't know!.

Zeon I would love to visit those places if i build up the courage to do it on my own you might see me around brighton it's not that far from me(Frome's in Somerset btw 9 miles from Glastonbury Festival). I think i need to just bite the bullet and go, it would be an experience if nothing else.

Thanks for your advice anything else is appreciated.x
Welcome Ben!!!! Good for you for taking a leap into a curious adventure you have been wanting to take. There are a lot of helpful people in here (as you can see) and lots of support. Hope to see you around and best of luck in finding some love.
Thanks Airborn. Nice of you to say. I should of taken the adventure up years ago, think of all adventures i may of missed out on but hey why look to the past it's all about the future now:-)
Hi welcome Ben, just be careful where your curiosity takes you? Start with Plenty of Fish (POF) It's free and there are gay men on that site...
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sex is a necessity in life so get your self tested. Right now, for the HIV and a generic STD panel inc HEP C. There is a vaccination series for HEP B. A community out reach should offer these for free and some what anomalously. Your date (gay bi or straight) is a fool not to ask your health and dating habits.

look at some condemns and lube ( astroglide is functional generic brand here )

do the googles ( hiv hep std ... )

the first boy will sweep you off your feet for mind blowing sex. You will date him a year and a half and the laws will change so you can marry. In the intern stay healthy.

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