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Not getting what I need
I have been in a relationship with this guy for 1 year. At the start we were into each other but the past 6 months he only lets me give him head.

I have asked him if he will be reciprocal and he doesn't really say anything and it has been bothering me that I am pleasuring him but he isn't doing anything to please me and if it is a relationship than it should be that we are giving pleasure to each other. Is it that he's not interested in me anymore? It doesn't seem fair and I don't know what to do?
Can anyone please shed some light on this? Hoping to get some help.
is he bi? maybe he's a little more on the straight side and having second thoughts on being with a guy.
Hi, sometimes the board moves fast and we miss a post or two.

Could you add a little more info?
What do you mean by relationship? Have you been dating for a year? Are you in an open or a monogamous relationship? Are you just fuck buddies, etc? Just saying relationship kind of leaves me in the dark and you list yourself as a "single curious guy." Confusedmile:

What's his age? Any possible health problems? Loss of job recently? Signs of depression? Is he in the closet? Are you?

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