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Not quite off topic - Form 696
marshlander Wrote:A Brazilian percussion instrument, played by shaking.
The instrument, I mean, not the player Wink
:redface: :redface: :redface: all round?

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=46]

The Times - 24/01/09
"Sighs all round at the Department for Culture, Media & Sport this
week, as the most signed petition submitted on the official No10 e-
petitions website turned out to be redundant, inspired as it was by a
misinformed comment by a facebook user. The petition, which claimed
that the government was about to impose noise restrictions at gigs and
festivals and urged signitories not to 'let the Government cripple
live music', had gathered mor than 77,000 signitures as we went to

Another lesson to me to check sources! Mind you, the national press were taken in at the time too.

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