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Not so pretty dilemma
I flew to Jhb today with the national carrier but returned home with one of those "economy" airlines.The flight was okay but some passengers had a problem with one flight attendant,a male wearing make-up.It wasn't over the top but still evident,he was presentable though.Some started laughing at him,refused his service and one "lady" had the nerve to suggest that the poor guy was corrupting her 2 (noisy) children.He kept a braveface and continued to serve the rest of us.Surely it's up t decide what he looks like?
Businesses where employees come face to face with the public generally have a dress code of some sort. You may remember the fuss last year when a British airline employee was told not to wear her crucifix to work.

I agree with you that the passengers did not have any excuse for their poor behaviour, though, and really only had any right to make a fuss if they were receiving poor service. Shame on them.
With a profession as "busy" as a flight attendant i spose he meets folks like that frequently so hopefully for him it was a case of water off of a ducks back...not that,that excuses the more ignorant and uncivilised of todays citizens..but adversities summit we all gonna come up against regardless of who, what or where we the end tho you came away thinkin the passengers were assholes so others will have too! Xyxthumbs

When you say makeup what do you mean? Did he have only foundation on?
I am really appalled.

It saddens me that this is 2008 and this shit still happens.

From your description, I am guessing that he wasnt in drag... was it obvious that he was "gay"?

I mean, he could have been like Michael Jackson and has some sort of skin disease... who are these people to JUDGE.

again, I think the whole world is going backward in some ways...

btw, I am sure that you had a good time in Jhb

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