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Not sure what's happening.
This is my first post here, hi to everyone!

Okay, I'm gonna try to explain my thing briefly... I am a 22 years old man ,who lives in a spanish speaking country, I describe myself as a masculine gay man, well I met somebody a few weeks ago, but the issue is that I don't know if he likes me, Ok is not that I don't know it at all, I obviously suspect it but...

My story is that I've had 2 bad trying to relationship experiences in the past two years which gave myself depth marks in my... well soul. And this experiences was almost one after another, was kind of hard to me to recovered myself for this thing, but finally I did.

I always have been and lonely guy, who doesn't put "relationship" as a goal in my life, kind of workaholic, but doesn't mean that I don't want to have someone in my life, in fact I'm one of those "classic" guys who expect to have someone to share his life with, and get easily bored of guys who only want "one night stand".

... Back to the topic. it wasn't a few month ago since I get fully recovered for my past mistaken relationship, I get my life fully scheduled again and feel great like anything before. and I enjoying being like this alone, but.

A few months later I enrolled in a new class and I met somebody that I begin to feel atracted to, but I don't know if he's also, but well it's seems like yes, but the problems is that I don't feel secure about myself, because those past process in my life leaves me drained, was hard to fight, and because I was alone, I lost my job, friends, my family rejected me, etc.... so in fact I'm scared to get again in this "depression" thing.

This man is handsome, he's masculine, a few years older than me, he's taller than me and he's muscular, he looks great and also he's nice to other people... well a damn hunk! and me I'm toned, but after my depression I lost a lot of weight, almost 20 pounds and I think that now I look more like a twink, I'm smaller than him (5'9" vs 6'2" I guess) and because of this I feel insecure about myself. (I'm recovering weight but not that fast, it's just not so easy as I thought haha.)

I have to clear up that despite of this situation, I'm not "insecure" to other people, I've never been, but now with this guy I feel different because what happened to me, and because I've never been with a guy like this, my ex relationships had always been with smaller guys/girls than me, but this guy seems huge compared to myself at everything (physically talking)

And this guy despite the way he seem, he's quiet too, and we didn't talk that much, only a few words about class topics, but he does weird things, you know... those things that somebody does when is trying to catch your attention. Example: He get close to me... We were putting some cards on a board and He interwoven his arm with mine "accidentaly" because he stood behind me (also he have a warm body and made me think of him cuddling me, and that made me upset), he smiles at things I said (even if I'm not talking to him), he put his papers over my desk "confusing it with his" (which is three chairs away)... you know weird things!

I don't want to think about those questions but a lot comes to my mind... I'm just confused about what to do.
Think about it and write back here after you have had time to do so.
I bid NO Trump!
Ask him if he'd like to get a drink after school.

I would not worry about if you think you are too thin. It sounds like he is interested in you just as you are.

Be yourself. It will quickly come clear if you just spend more time with him. Set your worries aside and see what happens.
Yeah I think that I just need to chill out, and take steps... maybe we can become friends first...

... and if something happens then I will think 'bout my insecurities, for example... me being the official bottom, try to no fuck up the relationship (as I did before with other guy) etc... Eating-sandwich
welcome to the forum!

invite him out for coffee or beer, and see what happens.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
You'll be fine! The past is the past. Don't dwell in it, nothing good will come from it.

See if he wants to hang out, or get a drink. See where it goes or how you feel after.

I think things will work out fine for you.

Good luck.
Thank you guys for the advice, if something new happens I'm gonna update the thread

The dude stopped coming into class Laugh: and the class ends this week, so this thread and story is officially closed.
Dios mío, no sé por qué no vi de eso hasta ahora, pero lo siento que el hombre acabó el clase. Y no fuiste de hacer una relación con el o al menos, de intentar. Cat3

Tal vez que debes a buscar en otros lugares o con la gente diferente. Como en una comunidad o un grupo.

Y no necesita que ponga los límites en tu vida, como "Bottom oficial" o cosas como así. Pero, solamente que te permites cualquier cosa que se pasa de pasar.

Tus ruegos van a trascendieron aquellos límites, pero lo debería ser naturalmente. Y lamentablemente, lentamente. Sheep

Cosas rápidas, vainas enormes Bashing

Perdonarme, mi español es muy mal jjjj
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

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