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OMG!!! First HIV-Positive Man Cured
I was just thinking... what is the Pope gonna say about this? Oh boy...
The pope is going to make a phone call to his damm god to send that man to hell because its abnormal lol
Ok, ok, where's the catch???
the catch will be the cost, everyone knows there's no money in a cure the money is in the medicine.
(not sure what that means fully but it sounds good Wink
that is why the FDA will never let the cure into the USA there is cash in the treatment not the cure
Waiting for more confirmation.
I'm looking forward four generations into the future. If greed doesn't win out and hold back this breakthrough, everything should be sunny.
:eek::eek::eek: 3 letters W.O.W
I don't want to sound too discouraging but this procedure required the complete shutdown and erasing of the immune system and it was then effectively rebuilt from scratch. That carries a ton of risk in itself.

It is good progress, but this particular treatment as a cure for HIV is not viable at the moment.

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This is why I'm for stem-cell research... Can't wait for all the old farts who are against it to be gone so our generation can move forward with this research :/

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