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Odd YT spam experience
A few days ago or so I got some weird suggestions following me around on YT, all of it at least borderline porn and most of it lesbian oriented (obviously made by men for men, at least going by the screen shots). I'm not sure what I clicked on to have been targeted by such, though I've been watching a lot of TiBette vids lately (a popular lesbian couple, but more popular even among straight women than straight men, so looking for male viewers there is dumb), and another possibility I considered was I clicked on an anime set to I Don't Do Boys (a lesbian song) and I clicked on a few around it, some of which went to some questionable ones. It's my guess that one of these vids is what got me flagged as someone interested in porn, especially lesbian-oriented porn.

What really annoyed me is recently a handful of TiBette vids were deleted as inappropriate (instead of merely flagged so one would have to show age) and they weren't that bad, I think they were even work safe (though pushing it with a few scenes, and only if your work wasn't homophobic), but here was open porn with ridiculous screen shots seeming to taunt me no matter where I went by being PROMOTED by YT even as the romantic vids I liked were deleted as inappropriate (apparently the measuring stick on what's appropriate is how much money is paid to YT). And my going to other vids didn't stop them, not even when I saw a vid on Grey aliens (for a story I'm working on), or news, or even children's vids. They followed me everywhere in the suggestion column, and when a vid ended it promoted them to me at the end of the vid.

One (I think the only non-porn one and the only one showing a man & woman together instead of women) was offering to teach guys how to french kiss and the screen shot really grated on my nerves and I got sick of seeing it over and over again as my vids ended. So I clicked on it, halted the vid before it could even play it's commercial, and left a comment saying I didn't know what video I clicked on to activate YT's spam program but out of all the vids "following" me around I found her (it was presumably by 2 women, and I don't know if they demonstrated by french kissing each other) screen shot especially annoying.

The next day (3-4 days ago) I found I had no responses to it (though I didn't look up the vid again, but if I had a response I should've gotten an email alert to it). Yet I've been noticing that the promoted porn (and semi-porn) is GONE, not just the french kissing tutorial, but all of it. I experimented by clicking on some of the more risque lesbian vids I watch (typically made by lesbians for lesbians, and no it's not porn though they sometimes include erotic material) and it's still not there. I feel like I should thank someone, but I have no idea who.

I found the entire experience very odd. I also can't recall any other type of vid following me around, though I watch all kinds of vids frequently (comedy, news, music, fanvids, vloggers, etc) and yet I don't think I've ever been followed by vids promoting similar types of vids the way those lesbian porn vids followed me until recently.

So just curious, anyone here have experience with explicit vids following you around in the suggested column on YT (even when you're not watching anything remotely related)? :confused:
No, that's not happened to me, as yet.

Still, give 'em time!

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