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just interested, when did everyone come out to their parents and how did they react?
Hi! I came out a month ago and I explained it fully in the following thread:


I reckon there will be thousands of other stories, let's hope
I came out when I was 17, explained it in the same topic Droko posted
it's nice when parents are understanding
have you already come out prophet?
yeah I came out to all my friends. I'd been thinking about my parents for a while, some people offered to tell them for me but I wanted to wait and do it myself when I was ready. then my mum found out by accident and we talked. she wanted me to hide it and she still does but it's more because she's worried people will treat me different
TheProphet Wrote:she's worried people will treat me different

My mum accepted it but she thought the same. yes, telling to friends always seems easier. Parents it's a more difficult deal... But has your mum talked to other family relatives or friends of hers? I mean, has she any problem with your sexuality or she just wants you to hide it for your own sake?
I don't know if she's talked to anyone but I do believe it's for my own sake. I have a younger brother and she's always told us from when we were young to be accepting of people and she did mention homosexuality specifically a few times (when it had been on the news or whatever) so I'm fairly certain she doesn't have a problem with it
I came out to my parents earlier this year... Mum, then Nan (live with her and Mum), then Dad!
i havent n most prob won't ever

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