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Penile and Anal Bleeding After Sex
Hi there. This is kind of weird to post, and I hope none of this is considered not appropriate for posting. But I was concerned and needed some advice since I can't see a doctor yet.

I have been recently have sex with my boyfriend. I have never had sex until these last two months. I am the bottom. He has a larger than average penis. Maybe....eight inches long, and very girthy. The last two times we had sex, he managed to hit my Prostate, and I ended up bleeding both anally and out of my penis.

I am aware that the prostate helps with the production and/or mixture of semen, so my concern is that we might have injured my prostate, thus the blood from both ends. There has been abslutely no pain what so ever, and I do plan on seeing a doctor after a week if anything seems to appear.

I have not seen any blood since the second time, which was Thursday morning. No blood in my pee I mean. I have not tried any form of sexual intercourse, or masturbation since to give my insides/penis time to heal if so needed.

I plan on not having sex or masturbating until the Thursday after next. I want to give it two weeks before we try anything again.

My question I guess is if this is common, or if I should be very alarmed. The first time he got my prostate, and the sex before that we didn't use lube and the first time really hurt. So I wasn't sure if they could be two separate injuries.

I masturbate a lot, possibly three times a day, so I wasn't sure if I happened to tear a vein in my penis as well as hurt myself during anal sex because thel ack of lube.

gah, sorry. I don't know what to say really. I guess the obvious is to just see a doctor, which I plan on doing, but until then I am left in the dark and need some guidance as to what I should do in the mean time. Or, at least some ideas as to what I could be facing since this issue isn't easy to google. Lol

thank you for reading, and thank you for your responses!
Hi and Welcome Confusedmile:

If it starts to bleed again .. visit a doctor immediately.....

And what I want to say is .... you both should be much more careful, the body is not a machine.... prepare yourself better. You can´t start from 0 to 100 % in seconds. For example: An athlete is not from 0 to peak performance without warming up... and it is the same with sex ... if your body is not ready you should not do anything with pressure .... and your Partner HAS to wait till you are ready.... it is HIS thing to to care for you, to prepare you ... your are not his unbreakable toy.
Hey, I'm really no expert but I think you shouldn't worry too much. It's entirely possible that you've injured something in there, but since there's no pain...Give yourself time to heal and, as fenris said, take it slow. Try to adjust your bum to such a size using toys, for example, before you do anything else. But if pain does appear or there's more blood, you should definitely see a doctor.

Ryan x
XMenFan, hello and Welcome to GaySpeak. This is the place to discuss such issues as you mentioned.

To be honest I don't like how it sounds and I would definitely get medical advice as soon as possible. It is not normal to bleed from your penis, nor, really, from your anus although I think you've explained where that came from.

You have surely injured the inner wall of your rectum with his girth and especially because you were insufficiently lubricated (and rather new to all of this). The nuisance about getting injuries such as will bleed in your anus or rectum is that then the tissue will form scars. Scarry tissue is not as resilient as your bowel and will be a further difficulty as time goes on, even a potential source of new pain and new bleeding. You should definitely use lube and make sure you are ready (as Fenris suggested). Our intestins aren't designed to deal with the treatment we give them when we insert things "forcefully", contrary to a woman's vagina that will auto-lubricate we need to help nature a bit. (note that a vagina could also be damaged if it did not lubricate properly, which happens in many sorts of situations, especially stressful ones).

The blood from your penis could be some form of abrasion inside the urethra as maybe you grazed it while masturbating of because you passed some crystals that form along the bladder and urinary tract on their way out of the kidneys. Ever heard of kidney stones? It's when those crystals form in the kidneys and they are hard to eliminate. You may have injured a vein inside your urethra from over masturbating too.

Your doctor will be able to tell you what you need to alter in your diet to avoid kidney stones. Drinking enough is one of the things they generally recommend. Vitamin C and protein is also recommended in higher doses to repair the damaged tissues. But do see your physician, please.
Definitely see a doctor as soon as possible. The anal bleeding doesn't worry me as much as the penile. Like Princealbert said, it's probably a tear from going too far too fast and/or not enough lube being used.

Penile bleeding should definitely NOT happen and, when it does, it can be form a number of causes or injuries in either your urinary or reproductive system. Only a doctor will be able to tell you what the cause was/is.

Since it's stopped, I'd say still get to a doctor ASAP and, if it comes back, get to the ER immediately. You might also want to take a stool softener (not a laxative) for a few days to avoid having to strain, and let the tear heal faster.
Since he manged to hit your prostate and after that you got blood from the penis, then he at the very least bruised the prostate or the connecting tubes.

The 'wall' between rectum/anal canal and the prostate and the base of the penis is very thin -
[Image: Fig-445-Rectum-and-anal-canal.jpg]

A kind of good illustration of the interior of a man 'down yonder'.

As you can see there are a bit more things connected to the penis and the urinary tract that pass real close to the rectum wall.

The Seminal Vesicles, cowper's gland, prostate and various other things are separated by a thin membrane (the anus wall) from the anus/rectum proper. None of these are hard fixed in the body. There are attachment points but they all pretty much are free to move around to a degree. Gravity and muscles surrounding all of these areas and the minor fact that we are all relatively solidly packed (as bodies go) means that most things in the body will not shift too much under normal circumstances.

Understand that the rectum, the short canal final canal that straights out from the last bit of colon proper, where your partner's penis is going is a 'short' canal about 3-6 inches long depending on the individual.

6 inches long. Your partner is how long again? 8 Inches?

While it is possible for him to get all the way in, there is two inches that your body needs to adjust for.

While it is possible to straighten out the lowest part of colon (the part that meets the rectum) in most cases the rectum itself is going to be 'stretched' lengthways. As it stretches everything along side of it is going to be shifted, stretched, pushed aside.

Do that 'stretching' and moving aside too fast and the fragile tissues will rip, tear and bruise. Not just along the rectum wall, but anything that is close and also being shifted about.

Is it your prostate that has led to penile blood? Possibly, but there are also other things that could be affected that is bleeding.

The Seminal Vesicles are the most likely issue here, they are thin tubes that allow fluids from the Cowper gland and prostate gland to flow to the penis during sex.

Are you bleeding when you urinate (not urine after sex, but other times as well?)

How much blood is there? Spotting may actually not be a problem and pass on its own. Lots of blood or a stream of red when you pee is a major problem and you need to get to the ER now.

Rectal bleeding is most likely the small fact that your anus is not designed for things going up and its definitely not designed for the pistoning of a hard object rubbing against the rectum walls. The truth may be that your rectum may not actually handle a hard poo very well with just the one time out going flow micro scrapes and tears take place let alone the friction of sex.

What does disturb me and makes this troubling is that blood from the penis only happened after he manged to hit your prostate, which may indicate there is an underlying prostate issue. Prostate infections are relatively common, infection can lead to painless swelling (bogginess as one of my doctors said) and are often easily treatable. But, an infected prostate can be overly sensitive and lead to unusual side effects when bounced around, slapped or otherwise 'stimulated'.

Thus in any case, whether you stop bleeding or not, you should see a doctor to get at least a prostate exam.

It may be possible you have something else going on, such as urinary tract crystals (but you would know when one of those puppies passed through). It is also possible you have a hernia down yonder. Many men have hernias and not know it thus the old drop your pants and turn your head and cough routine with the doctor.

You should also talk to your doctor honestly about what it is you do. S/he may have some great advice to making it medically safer for you.

As the others said, wear a condom (I don't care what he says, men are pigs, they lie, they have sex with anything and will lie to your face about it). Take it slow - finger massage and small toy play prior to his penetration with lots of lube will get you used to the whole trauma that is taking place (anal sex is trauma - but then all penetrating sex is traumatic to the body).

Until the bleeding stops, stop having anal sex. Oral sex OK, Masturbation OK as long as its not leading to more bleeding or pain.

If penile bleeding continues after 5 days without more anal sex (the potential damaging effect here) see a doctor soonest (no more than three days past 5).

If bleeding doesn't stop or worsens after 7 days from the anus, see a doctor immediately.

In any case, get a prostate exam and hernia exam. Also talk to your doctor about STDS and lubes and the like.
Okay, I'm a girl, but I want to add my 2 cents about anal bleeding. If your doctor rules out other causes of the bleeding, there are other things to consider.

If you have had constipation/hard poo, there's a chance you could have internal hemorrhoids. I've had them for a long time (not sure how long, but well more than five years, so had to start in my 20s). They have not been painful, although I get some cramping if they start to bleed (usually when I've had too much Advil for other issues).

If you have those, then I guarantee that anal sex will cause bleeding. If you have anal bleeding again and have ruled out other issues, I highly recommend you see a GI, who may well send you for a colonoscopy. Colon polyps/hemorrhoids/cancer can occur at any age, so it's best to be cautious.

As to the other bleeding, you've received some great suggestions. Most of all, I have to agree:: See a doctor ASAP!

Good luck. Take care!
i think you need to slow down and take it a little easy. sex is not a race to the finish, it should be a long enjoyable journey filled with pleasures along the way. Any way... how about some foreplay and some lube? try this.. have him start at the top and work his way through all the good spots, kissing,licking,nipple teasing,nibbling,rimming and then slow easy penetration and rythmic thrusting. two of the great joys of m2m sex are multiple orgasims and simultaneous ejaculation.
57lambertr Wrote:i think you need to slow down and take it a little easy. sex is not a race to the finish, it should be a long enjoyable journey filled with pleasures along the way. Any way... how about some foreplay and some lube? try this.. have him start at the top and work his way through all the good spots, kissing,licking,nipple teasing,nibbling,rimming and then slow easy penetration and rythmic thrusting. two of the great joys of m2m sex are multiple orgasms and simultaneous ejaculation.
Lucky are those who can achieve this, but on the other hand it doesn't matter if it happens in a different time sequence... No pressure there. Wink

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