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Penis Growth
I was doing some cleaning and I found an old piece of rope I used to measure my penis size when I was like 14 or 15. I remember holding it up and then making marks on it for girth and length and then holding that up against the ruler because I thought it was creepy to hold a ruler against my dick. . . Anyways, the marks were still on the piece of rope and I held it up to my dick and it's pretty much the same. I might be a bit bigger now, but it could also be a level of error in measuring.

This must mean that dick growth takes place pretty early on because I KNOW I'm taller than when I was 15.
I have no idea. But it can get a little bigger, the more excited you are.
It wouldn't suprise me if the fact was that the penis grew to it full length and girth in the first years of puberty, it is generally the genital region that goes through the bulk of changes, BUT in reality I would imagine it would be dependant on the individual...people grow at different rates and go through the different phases of puberty at different times.

How interesting.
have you guys noticed that there's a difference in size, shape and width when you get erect after masturbation, vs when you get erect without touching it?

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