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Preparing myself for death due to hypothermia
[COLOR="Teal"]Alright, so, for you champions who can endure winter, i need some advice from ya.

I have been in MA since june this year, so it was super hot when i got here and i wished it wasn't , i take it back, I WANT THE WARMTH BACK, i'm originally from florida and i am definetly not used to this cold weather :frown:

What do you guys use? what is the ultimate tool for warmth outside your homes during winter?, snow is imminent which has me soooo scared, i am nowhere near ready for it, hence the title of the thread x-x

Hmmm . . . these should keep you warm.

[Image: mensthermalunderwearimage.jpg]

[Image: canada-goose-arctic-parka-3.jpg]

[Image: SchwartzCap_front.jpg]

[Image: mens-scarf1.jpg]

[Image: grandoe-edge-mens-gloves.jpg]

[Image: mens%20snow%20boots.jpg]

[URL=""][Image: heat%20packs.jpg]
And you will want a pair of these if your planning on doing any skiing in the Berkshires

[URL=",r:0,s:0&tx=51&ty=81"][Image: holden-recycled-snowboard-pants-lg.jpg]
I love ice cold atm its only -3 below zero, iv lived in wisconsins missisipi(spell error lol) swamp land and hills aall my life I love it in wisconsin your body just needs to get use to it.

Ps " its cold outside an there's a man out smokin' a cigarette"
Well, I agree with Wintereis, you should get something like those, and I wouldn't stop at a thermal sweater, I'd get thermal pants too, and also some wool socks.

Although, I don't agree with him on only getting the pants in the last picture if you're going skiing ETC. If it's gonna be snowing, then you need that regardless of whether you're going skiing or not. I don't know how cold it's going to be, but if it's going to be snowing a lot, then it's probably going to get really cold. And if you're not used to the cold, then you definitely need all of those. Just be careful to buy a really warm coat, not one of the crappy ones that you might as well call a jacket.

Oh, and one more thing. If you're gonna be doing something that you know you're gonna get wet from doing, then don't wear anything made from cotton.

Hehe, good luck.
Ingz Wrote:... Oh, and one more thing. If you're gonna be doing something that you know you're gonna get wet from doing, then don't wear anything made from cotton ...
That's generally a cue to wear very little at all ... Rolleyes
marshlander Wrote:That's generally a cue to wear very little at all ... Rolleyes

Well, that's not always a possibility. I have been in outside in a -15°C (5°F) and getting wet, and let me tell you, you will not survive if you're wearing as little clothes as possible, wet, in that kind of a cold weather.

Last year I was on a mountain walk, for 6 hours, in a -35°c (-31°F). I was wearing a glacier snow-suit, and warm clothes underneath. I injured my foot and couldn't walk, so I had to wait sitting down for two hours while a search and rescue SUV came and get me. When they finally came I was so hypothermic that I had stopped feeling cold. I was really tired and couldn't understand why everybody were in my business when I just wanted to take a nap. I had frost-burns on my face for a week, and on my fingers and toes for a day or two.
That sounds bad. I'm relieved to hear you got through it. I'm afraid I wasn't thinking of being wet in sub-zero temperatures though. That just sounds like masochism.
Layers my friend layers......or whiskey
Pansies, I went out in a hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans. Wink
I'll probably cave in and start wearing a jacket by january, I'll avoid hats and gloves unless I'm actually spending extended periods outside.
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